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5 January 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-01-05 number 1

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               THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                         Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                      (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXIV—No. 1                                    NAIROBI, 5th January, 2022                                                      Price Sh. 60

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 1                                                                 (iv) Hamasi Location
                THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA, 2010                                    (c)     Mpeketoni Division
                                   AND                                               (i)    Bomani Location
                THE NATIONAL POLICE SERVICE ACT                                      (ii) Pongwe Location
                              (No. 11A of 2011)                                      (iii) Mpeketoni Location
PROHIBITION OF POSSESSION OF ARMS AND SURRENDER OF ALL SUCH                          (iv) Bahari Location
                 SECURITY DISTURBED AREAS                                            (v) Mapenya Location

    IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by Article 245 of the                    2. Lamu Central Sub-County comprising of—
Constitution of Kenya, read together with section 106 (2) (a) of the               (a)     Hindi Division
National Police Service Act, 2011, the Inspector-General of National
Police Service has issued this Order prohibiting the possession of arms              (i) Hindi Location.
in the following areas of Lamu County namely:
                                                                                  Upon publication of this notice, all inhabitants or such of the
   1. Lamu West Sub-County comprising of—                                     inhabitants in possession of such arms are ordered to surrender the
                                                                              arms with immediate effect thereof to the nearest Gazetted police
     (a)      Mukunumbi Division                                              station(s), police post(s), and locational National Government
       (i)     Majembeni Location                                             Administrative Offices (NGAO’s) between 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.
                                                                              hours of the day for the safe custody of all arms surrendered.
       (ii) Ndamwe Location
                                                                                 This notice shall take effect from today for a period of (30) days
       (iii) Mkunumbi Location                                                and may be withdrawn or continue to be in force as shall be necessary.
     (b)      Witu Division                                                      Dated the 5th January, 2022.
       (i)     Pandaguo Location                                                                                      HILARY N. MUTYAMBAI,
                                                                                                            Inspector-General, National Police Service.
       (ii)    Binde Warinde Location
       (iii) Witu Location

                                            PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI
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