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21 January 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-01-21 number 15

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                                                                           nat ional council                           f or
                                                                                     M Wr epor t ing



                   THE K ENY A GA ZETTE
                                                    Published by A uthor ity of the Repubiic of K enya
                                                               (Regi stered as a Newspaper at the G .P.O .)

     V o l . C X X I V - N o . 15                           NAI ROBI , 21st Januar y , 2022                                                               P r i c e Sh . 6 0

                                                                           CONTENT S
                                    GA ZETT E NOT ICES                                                              Gaz et t e Non c E- CContrf .)
                                                                             Pa g e

     The Betting, Lotteri es and Gaming Act—Re-Appointment.                   2 12      Change of N ames,                                                           24 1- 24 3

     The Science, Technology and Innovati on A ct—Selection
      Panel for the A ppointment of the Chairperson and
                                                                                                                    SU P P L E M E N T N os . 3 a n d 4
      M embers of the K enya National Innovation A gency
      B o ar d                                                           212, 243                                   Legislati ve Supp lements, 2022

     The Film and Stage Plays A ct—A ppointment                               2 12
                                                                                        L eg a l N o t ic e N o .                                                      Pa g e

     County Govern ments N otices                                             2 12
                                                                                        2—The         Kenya          Citizenship       and      Immi gration
                                                                         226- 235
                                                                                               Regulations, 2012—Exemption                                                  3

     The Land Registration Act—Issue of                   Provisional                   3—T he Stamp D uty A ct—Exemption                                                   3
      Certifi cates, etc                                                 2 12- 226
                                                                                        4 —T he      Intergovernmental           Relations      (A lternative
     The Insolvency A ct—Bankmptcy                                            236
                                                                                               Dispute Resolution) Regulations, 2021                                        5

     The Physical and Land U se Planning                   A ct—Part
      Development Plan                                                        2 36

     The Environmental M anagement and Co-ordination A ct-                                                              SU P PL E M E N T N o . 2

      Environmental Impact A ssessment Study Reports                     236- 240
                                                                                                                               A c ts, 20 2 2

     D isposal of Uncollected Goods                                           240
                                                                                                                                                                       Pa g e

     The    Records     D isposal     (Courts)   Rules—     Intended
                                                                                        The N ational Hospital Insurance Fund (A mendment)
      D estra cti on o f C ourt R ecor ds                                     240
                                                                                               A ct, 2022                                                                   I

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