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28 January 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-01-28 number 18

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                                                                                  N ATI ONA L COUN CIL FOR
                                                                                      L AW RE PORTIN G
                                                                                              L I B R ARY

                       TH E K ENY A GA ZETTE
                                                         Published by Author ity of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                   (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

    V ol . C X X I V - N o . 18                                  NA I ROBI , 28th Januar y , 2022                                                                    P r i ce Sh . 6 0

                                       G A Z ET T E N OT I C ES                                                          Gaz et t e N ot ic e- (Co;itc/ .)
                                                                                   Pa g e

    T he Jud icatur e A c t — C om m encem ents                                     252     T h e T ransf er of B usin esses A ct — B usin ess T ran sfer .                        300

    The      Employment          and     Labour      Relations    A ct-
                                                                                            The Co-operative Societies Act—Inquiry Orders                                     300 - 30 1
      A ppointment                                                                 252

    The Human Resource Management Professionals Act-                                        The Physical and Land Use Planning Act—Completion of
      A ppointment                                                                 252        Part Development Plan, etc                                                           30 1

    County Governments Notices                                                252- 254      The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act-
                                                                          297- 298, 308       Environmental Impact Assessment Study Reports                                   30 1- 305

    The     Land       Registration     A ct—Issue     of   Provisional
                                                                                            The Insolvency                A ct —A ppointment         of   Provisional
      C erti f i cates , etc                                                  254 - 26 8
                                                                                              L iquidator                                                                          305
    Customs and Border Control Department—Goods to be
      Sold at Customs W arehouse, Ki lindini , etc                            26 8- 289     Disposal of Uncollected Goods                                                          306

    T h e Sacco Soc ieties A ct — L ist of L icensed and A uthori zed                       Change of Names,                                                                  306- 30 8

      Sacco Societies in Kenya for the Financial Year ending
      3 1st D ecem ber , 20 22                                                2 89^-297

                                                                                                                         SU P P L E M E N T N o s. 5 a n d 6
    The Statutoty          Instmments A ct—N otif ication of the
      Regulatory Impact Statement for the D raft Sacco
                                                                                                                         Legislative Supplements, 2022
      Societies (Specified N on-Deposit T ak ing Business)
      (L evy) Order , 2022                                                         297      L eg a l N o t i c e N o .                                                          Pa g e

    The N ational Govern ment Constituencies Development                                    5- 7 — T he L ab ou r R el ati o ns A c t — D ed uc ti o n o f T r ade
      Fund A ct—A ppointment                                                       29 8            U n io n D ues                                                               19 - 2 1

    The Science, Technology and Innovation A ct—Revised                                     8- 1 1— T he      L ab ou r     R el at io n s   A ct — D edu c t io n    of
     Fees for Research Licensing, Registration and                                                 A gency Fees                                                                2 2- 2 5
     Accreditati on of Research Institutions and Monitoring the
     E v al uation                                                                 299      12—The          East         African        Community           Customs
                                                                                                   Management Act—Exemption from Import Duty
    The Capital M arkets A ct—Revocati on of L icences                             299
                                                                                                   on     Imported         Raw       M aterial      Used      in     the
                                                                                                   M an u f actu re o f A ni m al an d C h i c k en F eed                      27- 2 9
    The Insurance Act—Intenti on to Apply for Amalgamation
     of General Insurance Business, etc                                       299- 300
                                                                                            13—The Petroleum Development Levy (Amendment)
    The M ombasa Hospital A ssociation—Disposal of Health                                          (Revocation) Order                                                               29

     R ecords                                                                      300


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