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4 February 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-02-04 number 22

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                                                                                 Nat ional councji                            F OR

                     TH E K ENY A GAZ ETT E
                                                         Published by Authority of the ll epublie of Kenya
                                                                    (Registered as a Newspaper at the GP .O.)

     V oL e X X I V - N o . 22                                NAI ROBI , 4th February, 2022                                                                 P r i c e Sh . t iO

                                                                                CO NT E NTS
                                        G A Z E T T E NO T IC E S
                                                                                   Pag e

     The Naticn al Hononts-Act—Appointment                                         4 12
                                                                                                                      SUIV LEM ENT Nos. 7,Sand 10

     H ie Mining Act—TasWbice fcf the Devd opment of a                                                                     Legislat ive Supplements, 2022
      Regulatofy Ramewerk fo r the I ntegratio t of Salt Works
                                                                                              L eg a l N o t i c e N o .                                                 Pa g e
      into the Mining Legislative Fra mewoik - Extension                            4 12

     The National Transport and Safe ty Authori ty Act-                                       14—The Kenya National Publi c Health Institute Order,
       Appointment                                                                  4 12             20 2 2                                                                 31

     The Land Registrati on Act—Issue of                    Provisional                       15 —T he Protecetd A reas Order ,                                             41
      Ceitificates, etc                                                      4 12-4 30
                                                                                              16—Th e Forest Conservation and Management Act-
     H ie Land Act—Postponement of Inquiry                                          4 30
                                                                                                     Revocati on o f D ecl aration o f Public Forest                        43

     The Unclaimed Financial Assets Act—NoObjed ion — ...                    4 30 - 432

     The Politicai Parti es Act—Change of Politi cal Party
                                                                                   4 32
                                                                                                                  SUPPLEM ENT No.l l^ 12, 13 and 14
       Constitntion ,.elc

                                                                                                                           Nati onal Assembly Bills, 2022
     The Companies Act—Dissolution, etc.                                     4 32-- J34

                                                                                                                                                                         Pa g e
     The Insolvency Act—Fust Credito rs’ Meetings                             43 4 - 435

     The Physical and Land Use Planning Act—Completi on of                                    The     National       Transport       and   Safe ty   Authority
       Part Development Plan                                                        4 35             (A mendment) Bil l , 2022                                              43

                                                                                              T he Elections (A mendment) B iH, 2022                                        47
     The Environmental Management and Co-ordinati on Act—
      Environmental Impact Assessment Study Repotts^.—                       4 35- 4 36
                                                                                              T he M il itar y Veterans Bil l, 2022                                         71

     C lo su r e of Pri v ate R oads,                                               4 30
                                                                                              The National Government Constituencies Development

     Change of Names                                                          4 36 -4 4 1            Fund (A mendment) B ill , 2022-                                        89


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