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22 March 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-03-22 number 52

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             THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                        Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                       (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXIV—No. 52                                   NAIROBI, 22nd March, 2022                                                    Price Sh. 60

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 3193                                                                                           Former
                                                                               Designation                                   Current Official
                                                                               Secretary for Water, Sanitation       -       Yovan Mike
                           (No. 11 of 2011)                                    and Irrigation                                Nangalama
                                                                               Secretary for East African            -       Tom Musungu
              CHANGE OF POLITICAL PARTY PARTICULARS                            Community and Northern
                                                                               Corridor Development
    IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 20 (1) (a), (c)
and (e) of the Political Parties Act, 2011, and Regulations 5,6,7 and 8        Secretary for Lands                   -       Kizito Torofu Osianju
of the Political Parties (Registration) Regulations, 2019, the Registrar       Secretary for Petroleum and           -       Emmanuel Wafula
of Political Parties gives notice that Democratic Action Party–Kenya           Mining                                        Masungo
intends to make changes in their particulars as follows:                       Secretary for Agriculture,            -       John Kiboi Mwathia
                                                                               Livestock, Fisheries and Co-
   (i)    Change of the Party Constitution                                     operative Development
                                                                               Secretary for Tourism and             -       Mary Wachuka
   (ii)   Change of Party Officials                                            Wildlife                                      Gichuki
                                      Former                                   Secretary for Public Service and      -       Vera Illah
Designation                                      Current Official              Gender Affairs
National Chairperson                     -       David Simiyu Muchele          Secretary for Labour and Social       -       Topister Nameme
1st National Deputy                      -       Reginalda                     Services
Chairperson                                      Nakhumicha                    Secretary for Health                  -       Godfrey Sawenja
                                                 Wanyonyi                      Secretary for Environment and         -       Caleb Burudi
National Secretary-General               -       Bernard Wanjala               Forestry
                                                 Masanja                       Secretary for Education               -       Francis Juma
Deputy National Secretary-               -       Edel Fuchaka                  Secretary for Industrialization,      -       Thomas Mong’are
General                                                                        Trade and Enterprise
National Treasurer                       -       Beatrice Mbingi               Development
National Deputy Treasurer                -       Herman Murule                 Attorney General                      -       Ronald Namisi Karani
                                                 Kisiang’ani                   Chairperson of Persons living                 Eliud Wepukhulu
National Organising Secretary            -       Martin Mulwale                with disabilities
National Deputy Organizing               -       Clement Kudaka                Representative/liaison of the         -       Metrine Too
Secretary                                                                      Diaspora
National Women’s Leader                  -       Priscilla Iteyo               Chairperson of Professional           -       Abraham Wanyonyi
National Deputy Women’s                  -       Florence Theresia             caucus
Leader                                           Juma                          Chairperson Elders Council            -       Richard Wafula
National Youth Leader                    -       Paul Maloba                   Person Representing Business          -       Alexander Muchai
National Deputy Youth Leader             -       Faith Chepchumba              community
                                                 Oranga                        Person Representing Minority          -       John Etyang
Secretary for Transport and              -       Sammy Isigi                   Community
Infrastructure Development                                                     Person Representing Branch            -       Dorcus Katiambo
Secretary for Devolution and             -       Ronald Jumbe                  Women Leaders
ASAL Areas                                                                     Person Representing Branch            -       Judy Simiyu
Secretary for ICT, Innovation            -       Cleophas Wabwile              Leader of Special Interest
and Youth Affairs                                Obilo                         Groups
Secretary for Sports and                 -       Daniel Wafula                 Person Representing Branch            -       Julia Kanyi Ngeiywa
Heritage                                         Wanyonyi                      Secretaries

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