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29 March 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-03-29 number 56

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                                       Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                      (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXIV—No. 56                                   NAIROBI, 29th March, 2022                                                       Price Sh. 60

                                                               THE ENGINEERS ACT
                                                                   (No. 43 of 2011)
                                                               REGISTERED ENGINEERS
    IN PURSUANCE to section 30 (1) of the Engineers Act, 2011, the Registrar of the Engineers Board of Kenya notifies that the following have
been registered under the Act and are entitled under section 26 (1) to adopt and use style and title “Professional Engineer” or such contraction thereof
as the Engineers Board of Kenya may approve and to offer his/her services to the public for gain or reward or by way of trade in the Engineering
discipline in which he/she is registered. Under section 26 (2) Professional Engineers or Consulting Engineers may have the sole discretion of using
the title “Engineer” before their names.

Reg. No.    Name                                     Postal Address                         Affixes
A3260       Eng. Abala, Brian Vukindu                P.O. Box 30156–00100 Nairobi           P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A2688       Eng. Abdille, Bash Gedi                  P.O. Box 136 Wajir                     P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A3069       Eng. Abich, Samuel Otieno                P.O. Box 30324–00100 Nairobi           P. Eng., Bsc., MSc., MIEK
A3648       Eng. Abira, Nancy Achieng’               P.O. Box 697–00200 Nairobi             P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A2506       Eng. Abonyo, Monica Anyango              P.O. Box 66975–00200 Nairobi           P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
E493        Eng. Prof. Abungu, Nicodemus Odero       P.O. Box 30694–00100 Nairobi           P.Cons.Eng., Bsc., MSc.,PhD.,MIEEE.,MIEK
A3352       Eng. Abuodha, Joseph Charles             P.O. Box 4854–00506 Nairobi            P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
E059        Eng. Prof. Abuodha, Silvester O.         P.O. Box 4854 – 00506 Nairobi          P.Cons.Eng.,BSc,MSc,PhD,MIEK,GMICE
A3167       Eng. Aburili, Kennedy                    P.O Box 975 Kakamega                   P. Eng., Bsc., MSc.,PhD.,MIEK
A3688       Eng. Abuto, George Omondi                P.O. Box 1334–00100 Nairobi            P. Eng., BTech.,MIEK
A2458       Eng. Abuya, Eric Otieno                  P.O. Box 30020 – 00100 Nairobi         P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A816        Eng. Achia, Joshua W. Ochieng            P.O. Box 97615–80112 Mombasa.          P. Eng., Bsc., AMKIM.,MIEK
A2551       Eng. Achieng, Michael Ngala              P.O. Box 1073 – 40100 Suna –           P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A3727       Eng. Achongo, Vincent Reuben             P.O Box 30177–00100 Nairobi            P. Eng., BTech.,MAEPEA., MIEK
A3229       Eng. Adede, Daniel Abungu                P.O. Box 62730–00200 Nairobi           P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A3143       Eng. Adede, Paul Ouma                    P.O. Box 265–40101 Ahero               P. Eng., BTech., MIEK
A2754       Eng. Adegu, Boaz Bosire                  P.O. Box 4327–00100 Nairobi            P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A1923       Eng. Adeli, Adegu R.                     P.O. Box 4327–00100 Nairobi            P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A2764       Eng. Adhan, Mohamed Nur                  P.O. Box 1034 Garissa                  P. Eng., MSc.,Bsc., MIEK
E482        Eng. Adoyo, Felix Otieno                 P.O. Box 28888–00100 Nairobi           P.Cons.Eng.,Bsc., MSc.,MAAK.,MIEK
A1574       Eng. Aguda, Gabriel Olale                P.O. Box 260 – 40100 Kisumu            P. Eng., Bsc., MSc.,MIEK
A3495       Eng. Agwanda, Titus Japheth              P.O. Box 811–40100 Kisumu              P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
E453        Eng. Agwaro, Paul Ogutu                  P.O. Box 78393–00507 Nairobi           P.Cons.Eng.,Bsc., MSc., MIEK
A2806       Eng. Ahmed, Muhamed Swaleh               P.O. Box 950–50100 Kakamega            P. Eng., B.Tech, M.Phil., MIEK,
A3497       Eng. Airo, Nicholas Juma                 P.O. Box 7514–00200 Nairobi            P. Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A2347       Eng. Ajowi, George Otieno                P.O. Box 30259 – 00100 Nairobi         P. Eng., BSc. , MIEK
E207        Eng. Ajwalah, Lewis A.                   P.O. Box 126 Ongata Rongai             P.Cons.Eng., B.Eng., MIEK
E127        Eng. Akali, John Atwoli                  P.O.Box 6241–00100 Nairobi             P.Cons.Eng., Bsc., MIEK
A3858       Eng. Akaranga, Sheilla Jendeka           P.O Box 5297–00100 Nairobi             P. Eng., Bsc., MA., MIEK
E281        Eng. Akech, Elisha                       P.O. Box 5438 – 00100 Nairobi          P.Cons.Eng., Bsc., MIEK

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