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8 April 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-04-08 number 61

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                                                                 NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR
                                                                    LAW REPORTING
                                                                       LIB Y

                                         Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                  (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXIV —No. 61                                NAIROBI, 8th April, 2022                                                    Price Sh. 60

                         GAZETTE NOTICES                                                    GAZETTE NOTICES —(Contd.)

The State Corporations Act—Appointment                          1798     The Physical Planners Registration Act—Registered
                                                           1799-1800      Physical Planners                                         1824-1828

The President's Award Act—Appointment                          1798      County Governments Notices                                 1828-1834

The National Government Co-ordination Act—                               The Political Parties Act—Change of Political Party
 Establishment of Administrative Unit as a Service                        Officials                                                      1834
 Delivery Co-ordination Unit                                   1798
                                                                         The Advocates Act-125th Quarterly Report                        1834
The Public Finance Management Act—The Public Finance                                                                                     1835
                                                                         The Companies Act—Dissolutions
 Management (National Government) Regulations, 2015 .           1798
                                                                         The Labour Relations Act—Amendment             of    the
Establishment of the National Air Transport Facilitation                  Constitution and Rules of the Union                       1835-1836
 Committee                                                 1798-1799
                                                                         The Co-operatives Act—Appointment of Liquidator                 1836
The Kenya Medical Training College Act—Appointment ..           1800
                                                                         The Physical and Land Use Planning Act—Completion of
Taskforce on the Review of the Kenya Information and                      Part Development Plans                                         1836
 Communications Act—Appointment                                 1800
                                                                         The Records Disposal (Court)           Rules — Intended
The Technical Working Group on Local Media                                Destruction of Court Records                                   1836
 Gubernatorial, Senatorial and Women Representative
 Debates—Appointment                                            1801      Disposal of Uncollected Goods                             1836-1837

The Statutory Instruments Act—Notification of Regulatory                 Change of Names                                            1838-1840
 Impact Statement                                               1801

The Estate Agents Act—Re-Appointment                            1801                        SUPPLEMENT Nos. 41 and 43
The Counter Trafficking in Persons Act—Appointment              1802                          Legislative Supplements, 2022
Taskforce to Review the Kenya Cultural Centre Act—                        LEGAL NOTICE No.                                              PAGE
 Appointment                                                    1802
                                                                          40 —The Court of Appeal Rules                                   197
The Steering Committee and Central Management
                                                                          41 —The Privileges and Immunities (World Customs
 Committee for the Birmingham Games 2022
                                                                              Organization) (Amendment) Order, 2022                       269
 Commonwealth and Cairo 2022 Africa Youth Games—
 Amendment of Notice                                            1802      42 — The Privileges and Immunities (Regional Youth
                                                                              Forum of the International Conference on the
The Land Registration      Act—Issue of      Provisional                      Great Lakes Region) Order, 2022                             269
 Certificates, etc                                         1803-1820
                                                                          43-45 —The Export Processing Zones               Act—
The Geologists Registration Act—Registered Geologists      1820-1824           Declaration of Export Processing Zones                     270

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