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26 April 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-04-26 number 77

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                                       Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                      (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXIV—No. 77                                    NAIROBI, 26th April, 2022                                                  Price Sh. 60

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 4848                                                                                 SCHEDULE
                 THE LAND REGISTRATION ACT                                                         NAIROBI BLOCK 48
                            (No. 3 of 2012)                                                       (DAGORETTI MUTUINI)
     THE LAND REGISTRATION (REGISTRATION UNITS)                               Old L.R. No.              New Parcel No.             Area (Ha.)
                    ORDER, 2017
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/381     Nairobi Block 48/381        0.1558
                    CONVERSION AND MIGRATION                                  Dagoretti/Mutuini/1127    Nairobi Block 48/1127       0.1099
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/65      Nairobi Block 48/65           0.16
    PURSUANT to regulation 4 (4) of the Land Registration
(Registration Units) Order, 2017, the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and         Dagoretti/Mutuini/650     Nairobi Block 48/650        0.1096
Physical Planning, having received from the Registrar conversion list         Dagoretti/Mutuini/819     Nairobi Block 48/819         0.219
and cadastral maps in respect of Nairobi Land Registration Unit,              Dagoretti/Mutuini/906     Nairobi Block 48/906        0.0982
hereby notifies the general public that land reference numbers                Dagoretti/Mutuini/489     Nairobi Block 48/489        0.2549
specified in the first column of the Schedule have been converted to          Dagoretti/Mutuini/218     Nairobi Block 48/218        0.0217
new parcel numbers, specified in the second column thereof, with              Dagoretti/Mutuini/1603    Nairobi Block 48/1603       0.0531
corresponding area respectively specified in the third column.                Dagoretti/Mutuini/984     Nairobi Block 48/984        0.1393
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/982     Nairobi Block 48/982        0.0734
    Any person with an interest in land within the registration unit who
is aggrieved by the information in the conversion list or the cadastral       Dagoretti/Mutuini/78      Nairobi Block 48/78         0.4099
maps is invited, within the next ninety (90) days from the date of            Dagoretti/Mutuini/958     Nairobi Block 48/958         0.071
publication of this notice to —                                               Dagoretti/Mutuini/966     Nairobi Block 48/966        0.1074
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/850     Nairobi Block 48/850        0.1181
   (a) make a complaint, in writing in Form LRA 96 set out in the             Dagoretti/Mutuini/200     Nairobi Block 48/200        1.3834
       Second Schedule to the Land Registration (Registration Units)          Dagoretti/Mutuini/904     Nairobi Block 48/904        0.0958
       Order, 2017, to the Registrar in respect of the information
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/1803    Nairobi Block 48/1803       0.1211
       contained in the conversion list and the cadastral maps; or
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/1779    Nairobi Block 48/1779       0.0689
   (b) apply to the Registrar in Form LRA 67 set out in the Sixth             Dagoretti/Mutuini/1773    Nairobi Block 48/1773       0.0338
       Schedule to the Land Registration (General) Regulations, 2017          Dagoretti/Mutuini/522     Nairobi Block 48/522        0.9823
       for the registration of a caution pending the clarification or         Dagoretti/Mutuini/1368    Nairobi Block 48/1368       0.2102
       resolution of any complaint.                                           Dagoretti/Mutuini/252     Nairobi Block 48/252        0.7649
The conversion lists and cadastral maps can also be accessed from:            Dagoretti/Mutuini/946     Nairobi Block 48/946         0.403
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/211     Nairobi Block 48/211         0.301
     (i) Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, Ardhi House, 1st            Dagoretti/Mutuini/264     Nairobi Block 48/264        0.1653
         Ngong Avenue, Nairobi.                                               Dagoretti/Mutuini/999     Nairobi Block 48/999        0.2617
    (ii) Department of Surveys (Survey of Kenya), Ruaraka.                    Dagoretti/Mutuini/525     Nairobi Block 48/525        0.2372
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/196     Nairobi Block 48/196        0.1396
   (iii) Ministry website: https://lands.go.ke.                               Dagoretti/Mutuini/711     Nairobi Block 48/711        0.3764
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/881     Nairobi Block 48/881        0.2088
All transactions or dealings relating to parcels affected by the notice
shall from the 29th July, 2022 be carried out in the new registers.           Dagoretti/Mutuini/141     Nairobi Block 48/141        0.5913
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/T.484   Nairobi Block 48/1962       0.0422
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/280     Nairobi Block 48/280         0.101
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/874     Nairobi Block 48/874        0.1039
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/503     Nairobi Block 48/503        0.0714
                                                                              Dagoretti/Mutuini/386     Nairobi Block 48/386        0.4191

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