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27 May 2022

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2022-05-27 number 96

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                                                              NATIONAL. COUNCIL FOR
                                                                 LAW REPORTING

             THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                            Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                    (Registered as a Newspaper at the G .P.0 .)

Vol. CXXIV —No. 96                                 NAIROBI, 27th May, 2022                                                        Price Sh. 60
                          GAZETTE NOTICES                                                       GAZETTE NOTICES — (Contd.)

The Irrigation Act—Re-appointment                                    3232     Change of Names                                          3286-3289
The State Corporations Act—Re-appointment, etc                  3232, 3290    The Agricultural Finance Corporation Act—Appointment..       3290
The Architects and Quantity Surveyors Act—Appointment                3232     The Bukura Agricultural College Act—Appointment              3290
The Bribery Act—Guidelines                                     3232-3233      The Fisheries Development and Management Act—
County Governments Notices                                                     Appointment                                                 3290
                                                            3233-3234, 3281
The Land Registration       Act—Issue of                                      National Potato Taskforce —Appointment                       3290
 Certificates, etc                                       3234-3254, 3289      The Sacco Societies Act—Appointment                          3291
The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission—Quarterly
 Report                                                        3254-3261
                                                                                                    SUPPLEMENT No. 70
The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
 Act—Corrigenda, etc                                           3261-3273                          Legislative Supplements, 2022

The Civil Aviation Act—Application for Variation or Issue                     LEGAL NOTICE NO.                                             PAGE
 of Air Service Licences, etc                                  3273-3279      65 —The Capital Markets (Whistleblower) Regulations,
The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority—Fuel                                2022                                                      399
 Energy Cost Charge, etc                                       3279-3280      66—The Capital Markets (Conduct of Business)
                                                                                 (Market       Intermediaries) (Amendment)
The Political Parties Act—Change of Political Party
                                                                                 Regulations, 2022                                          405
 Officials                                                           3281
                                                                              67 —The Capital Markets (Licensing Requiremnets)
The Crops Act—Proposed Grant of Licences, etc                  3281, 3290         (General) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022                   406
The Insolvency Act—Debtor's Petition, etc                            3282     68—The Value Added Tax (Digital Marketplace
The Records Disposal (Courts)                                                    Supply) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022                      408
 Destruction of Court Records                                        3282     69—The Insurance (Amendment) Regulations, 2022                409
The Physical and Land Use Planning Act—Completion of                          70—The Insurance (Motor Vehicles Third Party Risks)
 Development Plans                                             3282-3283         (Certificate of Insurance) (Amendment) Rules,
                                                                                 2022                                                       412
The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—
 Environmental Impact Assessment Study Reports                 3283-3285      71-74—The Retirement Benefits (Occupational
                                                                                   Retirement Benefits Schemes) (Amendment)
Disposal of Uncollected Goods                                  3285-3286           Regulations, 2022, etc                                   412

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