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6 January 1915

Kenya Government Gazette supplement dated 1915-01-06 number 1

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Supplehment N o 1 of 1915 t o Ofic~alGazette]of Jailualy 6th, 1915




      Published under the authority of HIS Excellency the Governor of Easi Africa,
  Qol XVll -Supplement       No   1]         NAIROBI, January 6th, 1915
   H i s Zxcelle9zcy has approved of t h e folkoaoimg BiiZZs beimg
imfsodzceed at the ~hext9pzeetia~gof the Zegisiative Council.

                                                                      P. BYAN#,
                                                      Clerk t o the Eegislative Com9zciZ.
                              TABLE O F CONTENTS.
     1 A Blll lntltuled an Ordinance to amend the lam lelatlng to Master and
      2 A Blll lntltuled an Ordlnance for the control of motor traffic on publlc
           thoroughfares               -.                             e~.

      3 A Blll intltuled an Ordlnance to amend the Ostrlch Ordlnance, 1907
      4 A Blll mtltuled an Ordlnance to provlde for the registration of natives
      5 A Bill intltaled an Ordinance to make provision for the safety and
           lnspectlon of steam bollers, prime movers and machinery
      6 A Blll ~ntltuledan O~dlnanceto amend the lam relating to Custonls
      7 A Blll lntltuled an Ordlnance for the llnprovemene and ~egulatlonof
           tlie coconut plantlng mdustry                  --.
       8 A Blll mtltuled an Ordlnance to regulate the trade In coconuts, copra
            and ohher products of the coconut trees        .
       9 A Bill lntltuled an Oidlnance to regulate the sale of native lntoxlcatlng
     110 A Blll ~ntltnledan Ordlnance to amend the lam relstlng- to the sale of
            land by women
     11 A Blll lntltuled an Oldinance to provide for censorship of the Press m
            tlmes of emergency
     12 4, 43111 intituled an Ordinance to supply a further sum of money for the
            servlce of the year ended March 31st, 1914
     13 A Blll lntltuled an Ordlnance to apply a sum of money for the selvlce
            of the year endinq the 31st day of- March, 1916
     14 A Blll lntltuled an Ordmance to make provlslon for the plomotlon of
           Volunteer Corps in the East Afrlca Protectorate and for thew
     13 A Bill lntituled an Ordinance to make provision wlth respect to penalties
           for Tradlng with the Enemy and other purposes connected the~ewith
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