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18 August 1915

Kenya Government Gazette supplement dated 1915-08-18 number 9

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Supplelnent No 9 of 1915 to Oficzal Ga~etteof August 18th, 1915


           OFFICIAL G A Z E T T E
                                            0     THE

EAST AFRlGA                                                       PROTECTORATE.

     Publ~shed under the authority of HIS Excellency the Govsrnor of Eaai Ahca,

  Vol XVll -Supplemerit     No 9 ]         NAIROBI, August 18, 1915

     klbs ZxceZlemc2~ Jbccs approved 01 t h e f ollozoirbg BiZ7s beimg
i w t r ~ ~ d z ~ caetd ;t?be 8esszo.;1%01 Eegislca8ive Coumcil to be held om
Azcgzcsl: 23rd, 1925.

                                                        N A. Ei!CNFON-SZANEY
                                                  Clerk to the Legislative Cowmcil.

                             TABLE O F CONTENTS.

    2 b A Bill lntltuled an Ordinance to amend the Law of Evldence .                    1
    2 , ) A Blll lntltuled an Ordlnance to amend the East Afrlca Reglstratlon
           Regulations, 1901                                                            3
    215 A B1.11 lntltuled an Ord~nanceto amend the Courts (Emergency Powers)
           Orchnance, 1915                                                       ..     5
    2,7 A Bill lntltuled an Ordinance to amend the Dlugs and Polsons
           Ordmance, 1909                                                               7
    28 h Blll intltuled an Ordlnance to provlcle for the Reciu~tnientof Natlve
           Carriers for the M l l l t a r ~Folces now operating m the Protectorate      9
    29 A Ell1 intltuled an Ordmance to alllend the Tradlng with the Enemy
           Ordinance, 1915, to provide powers for the hcluidation of firms t8he
           property of Enemy subjects                                                  11
    30 A Bill intltuled an Ordlnance to anlend the Law relating to Land Titles
            and t o remove doubts that have allsen in regard to the effect of the
            Crown Lands Ordlnance, 1915, Sectlon 141, on Certificates of 'L'ltle
            issued by the ILecorder of Tltles     ...                            ..    13
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