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3 August 2017

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2017-08-03 number 73

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            OF MAURITIUS
                                         Published by Authority

  No. 73                         Port Louis : Thursday 3 August 2017                    Rs. 25.00

                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                       GENERAL NOTICES

1084 — Legal Supplement

1085 — The Customs Tariff Act

General Notice No. 1084 of2017

                                      LEGAL SUPPLEMENT
  The undermentioned Government Notices are published in the Legal Supplement to this number of the
Government Gazette:

   The Consumer Protection (Consumer Goods) (Maximum Mark-up) (Amendment) Regulations 2017.
                                    (Government Notice No. 145 of2017)

  The Consumer Protection (Maximum Recommended Retail Price) (Code of Practice) (Amendment)
Regulations 2017.
                                    (Government Notice No. 146 of 2017)

   The Merchant Shipping (Tonnage) Regulations 2017.
                                    (Government Notice No. 147 of 2017)

                                                                            Prime Minister’s Office,
                                                                                        Port Louis.

This 3rd August, 2017.
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