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12 February 2018

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2018-02-12 number 13

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             OF MAURITIUS
                                          Published by Authority

  No. 13            -          Port Louis : Monday 12 February 2018                  -         Rs. 25.00

                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                         GENERAL NOTICES

148    — Police Notice - Prohibition to fly/operate a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone) in the regions
                         of Grand Bassin

149    — Police Notice - Chinese Spring Festival 2018 - Defile and Cultural Programme in Port Louis
                                                        on Wednesday 14th February, 2018

General Notice No. 148 of 2018

                                       POLICE COMMUNIQUE
      Prohibition to fly/operate a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone) in the regions of Grand Bassin
  The public is hereby informed that pursuant to the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Regulations 2016 (GN
139 of 2016), it is strictly prohibited to fly or operate a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (such as Drones) over a
congested area except with the authority granted by the Director of the Civil Aviation Department.
2. With a view to ensuring the safety and security of pilgrims and other persons converging to Ganga Talao,
Grand Bassin in connection with the Maha Shivaratree Festival 2018, NO PERSON shall fly/operate a
Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drones) over regions where there are processions and gatherings including the
whole area of Grand Bassin between 09.02.2018 and 13.02.2018, unless permission has been obtained from
the Director of Civil Aviation.
3. The flying or operating of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drones) in the abovementioned regions
without the permission of the Director of Civil Aviation constitutes an offence under the
Civil Aviation Regulations 2007 (as amended), for which the offender may be liable to a fine not exceeding
Rs 10,000 and imprisonment for a term not exceeding two months
                                                                      Office of the Commissioner of Police
                                                                                      Police Headquarters
                                                                                            Line Barracks
                                                                                               Port Louis
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