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12 January 2019

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2019-01-12 number 4

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            OF MAURITIUS
                                        Published by Authority

   No. 4             -         Port Louis : Saturday 12 January 2019            -        Rs. 25.00

                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                        GENERAL NOTICES

 19 β€” Legal Supplement

 2Q        Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Mauritius
           and the Government of Jersey

 21 β€” Notice under the Land Acquisition Act

 22 β€” Post Declared Vacant

 23 β€” Notice for Public Inspection of Decision on EIA Application

 24 β€” Medical Council Act 1999 - Election of Fourteen (14) Members of the Medical Council of Mauritius

 25 β€”Prisons Board of Visitors

 26 β€” Notice under the Statistics Act

 27 β€” Film Classification Board

 28 β€” Board of Stage Play Censors

 29 β€” Notice under the Prevention of Corruption Act 2002 (PoCA 2002)

 30 β€” Notice of Surrender of Insurance Broker Licence of Vasco Mascareignes Ltd

 31 β€” Notice under the Postal Authority

 32 β€” Voluntary Winding up of an Association

 33 β€” Cancellation of Registration of Association

 34 β€” Notice under the National Transport Authority

 35 β€” Notice under the Patents, Industrial Designs & Trademarks Act

                                     LEGAL SUPPLEMENT
See General Notice No. 19
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