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31 January 2019

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2019-01-31 number 9

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             OF MAURITIUS
                                        Published by Authority

  No. 9                         Port Louis : Thursday 31 January 2019                       Rs. 25.00

                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                       GENERAL NOTICES

  82   — Annual List of Ayurvedic and Other Traditional Medicines Practitioners
  83   — The Customs Tariff Act

General Notice No. 82 of 2019


              Annual List of Ayurvedic and Other Traditional Medicines Practitioners

  Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with section 18A of the Ayurvedic and Other Traditional
Medicines Act of 1989, the practitioners listed below have been registered with the Traditional Medicine
Board for the year 2019.
                                     Annual List of Practitioners

1. Dr (Mrs) Kalpanaben AJOODHEA                                          Ayurvedic Doctor
2. Dr (Mrs) Sangeeta ANAND                                               Ayurvedic Doctor
3. Dr Vipul ANAND                                                        Ayurvedic Doctor
4. Dr Rohit BARTAKE                                                      Ayurvedic Doctor
5. Dr (Mrs) Rhitambhra SOBURRUN-GOPAUL                                   Ayurvedic Doctor
6. Dr Gyaneshwarsing GUDDOYE                                             Ayurvedic Doctor
7. Dr (Mrs) Kavita HALKHOREE                                             Ayurvedic Doctor
8. Dr Vikash HALKHOREE                                                   Ayurvedic Doctor
9. Dr Poomanand Rye JOORAWON                                             Ayurvedic Doctor
10. Dr (Mrs) Zankhana P. JOORAWON                                        Ayurvedic Doctor
11. Dr (Mrs) Sulochana KEETARUT                                          Ayurvedic Doctor
12. Dr Sreeragh HARIDAS LALITHAMBIKA                                     Ayurvedic Doctor
13. Dr Ramamurthy Lakshmipathy METTUKUDI                                 Ayurvedic Doctor
14. Dr (Mrs) Jyoti PRATAP                                                Ayurvedic Doctor
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