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28 February 2019

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2019-02-28 number 19

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            OF MAURITIUS
                                         Published by Authority

  No. 19           -         Port Louis : Thursday 28 February 2019              -         Rs. 25.00

                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                       GENERAL NOTICES

264   — Police Notice - Maha Shivaratree Festival 2019

265   — The Customs Tariff Act

General Notice No. 264 of 2019

                                          POLICE NOTICE
                                 MAHA SHIVARATREE FESTIVAL 2019
   By virtue of authority conferred upon me by Section 25(3) of the Police Act and Section 181 of the
Road Traffic Act, traffic arrangements as hereunder will be made on the occasion of the Maha Shivaratree
Festival as from Thursday 28 February, 2019 to Monday 04 March, 2019.

  (a) Pilgrims from the North and Port Louis

       On 28.02.2049, groups of pilgrims from the northern part of the island and proceeding to Grand
       Bassin via Port Louis will assemble at the “Jardin de la Compagnie”. They will then march in
       procession along Chausee Street, Edith Cavell Street, Lord Kitchner, Souillac and Brabant Streets
       to the Kaliamen Temple at Bell Village where other groups will join the procession. The procession
       will then march along Royal Road, Residence Vallijee, GRNW, Coromandel, Beau Bassin and
       Rose Hill and proceed via Avenue Ollier, Avenue Victoria and St Jean and Candos Roads towards
       Tulsi Bhawan - Solferino, Kabir Temple - Bonne Terre, La Caveme and Glen Park Hindu Temples
       where they will be welcomed and taken care of by social organisations in the evening. They will,
       thereafter, proceed to Grand Bassin.
       On 02.03.2019, the above groups of pilgrims will, on their return journey, assemble at Glen Park
       Hindu Temple and thereafter proceed via La Croisee Henrietta, La Caveme and Candos Roads to
       Tulsi Bhawan - Solferino, Quatre Bomes Sivopassack Temple, Surveyswamath Mandir, Murugan
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