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6 June 2019

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2019-06-06 number 57

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             OF MAURITIUS
                                                Published by Authority

  No. 57                                Port Louis : Thursday 6 June 2019                                 Rs. 25.00

                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                GENERAL NOTICES

1115   — Election of Seven Members of the Veterinary Council of Mauritius
1116   — The Customs Tariff Act

General Notice No. 1115 of 2019                                  5. EMRITLOLL, Yubhashini   Temple Rd., Amitie, Riviere
                                                                                            du Rempart
                                                                 6. GROODOYAL, Vidya        Ave. Belle Source,
                 [Section 4(1) (a)]                                 Bhushan                 Pamplemousses
   ELECTION OF SEVEN MEMBERS OF                                  7. GYA, Sinarain           Ave. Bougainvilliers, More.
    THE VETERINARY COUNCIL OF                                                               Deepchand, Quatre Bomes
                                                                 8. JAUHANGEER,             Campbell Rd., Vacoas
                                                                    Aboo Bakar Siddick
                Notice of Polling Day                            9. KAILAYSUR,              37, Captain Charles Bruce
   Notice is hereby given to all fully registered                   Ramchandra Dutsing      St., Rose Hill
veterinary surgeons that a poll for the election of              10. MARIE JEANNE, Jean     Royal Rd., Camp Chariot,
                                                                     Marc Freddy            Chemin Grenier
seven (7) members of the Veterinary Council of
                                                                 ll.RUHEE, Hitesh Kumar     Remi Ollier St., Closel,
Mauritius will be conducted by the Office of the                                            Phoenix
Electoral Commissioner on Saturday the fifteenth                 12. VEERAPA,               Le Meritt, A 01 -1,
(15th) day of June, 2019, between the hours of 9 am                  Radhakrishna           Quatre Bomes
and 12 noon at the seat of the Veterinary Council
                                                             of which all persons are hereby required to take
of Mauritius, Livestock and Veterinary Division,
                                                             notice and govern themselves accordingly.
Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security,
Reduit.                                                      DIRECTIONS TO VOTERS

   And that the candidates are as follows:                    1. Each elector may vote for not more than seven
                                                                 (7) candidates by putting a cross (X) opposite
    1. ABDOOLA, Abdool        8, Imp. Macao, Cite Martial,
       Mohammad Swaley        Port Louis
                                                                 the name of each of the candidates of his choice.
   2. BHATOO, Abdool Rafick   Closel, Phoenix                2. If an elector votes for more than seven (7)
   3. DE MAUD AVE BESTEL.     Allee des Flamboyants,            candidates or places any mark or writing on the
      Joseph Jupiter Eric     Carlos, Tamarin
                                                                ballot paper by which he could afterwards be
   4. DOMAINGUE, Marie        Allee Bois Goyaves,
                                                                identified, his votes will be void and will not be
                              La Mivoie, Tamarin
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