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4 July 2019

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2019-07-04 number 69

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            OF MAURITIUS
                                          Published by Authority

  No. 69                           Port Louis : Thursday 4 July 2019                             Rs. 25.00

                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                         GENERAL NOTICES

1274 — Special Legal Supplement

1275 — The Customs Tariff Act

General Notice No. 1274 of 2019

                                  SPECIAL LEGAL SUPPLEMENT

   The undermentioned Bills are published in the Special Legal Supplement to this number of the
Government Gazette:

   A Bill “To amend the Declaration of Assets Act 2018”.
                                              (Bill No. XII of 2019)
   A Bill “To amend the Constitution”.
                                             (Bill No. XIII of 2019)

   A Bill “To provide for accountability and transparency with regard to political financing”.
                                             (Bill No. XIV of 2019)

                                                                                  Prime Minister’s Office,
                                                                                              Port Louis.
This 4th July, 2019.
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