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22 March 2020

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2020-03-22 number 31

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            OF MAURITIUS
                                       Published by Authority

  No. 31                        Port Louis : Sunday 22 March 2020                           Rs. 25.00

                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                      GENERAL NOTICES

510   — Legal Supplement
511   — Corrigendum
512   — Curfew Order made by the Minister under regulation 14(1) of the Prevention and Mitigation
        of Infectious Disease (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020

General Notice No. 510 of2020
                                     LEGAL SUPPLEMENT
  The undermentioned Government Notice is published in the Legal Supplement to this number of the
Government Gazette :
  The Prevention and Mitigation of Infectious Disease (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2020.
                                   (Government Notice No. 67 of 2020)

                                                                                Prime Minister’s Office,
                                                                                            Port Louis.
  This 22nd March, 2020.

General Notice No. 511 of2020
  The ‘General Notice No. 459 of 2020’ and the ‘General Notice No. 460 of 2020’ published in the
Government Gazette in its issue of Thursday 19 March 2020 should read as ‘GeneralNotices No. 458a of
2020’ and ‘GeneralNotices No. 458b of2020’, respectively.
  Date: 22 March 2020
                                                                        Government Printing Department
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