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31 August 2020

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2020-08-31 number 110

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              OF MAURITIUS
                                                   Published by Authority

   No. 110                                Port Louis : Monday 31 August 2020                           Rs. 25.00

General Notice No. 1236 of2020

                  ORDER UNDER SECTION 3(l)(a) OF THE QUARANTINE ACT 2020
   WHEREAS section 3(1 )(a) of the Quarantine Act 2020 provides that during a quarantine period, the
Prime Minister may, by Order published in the Gazette, prohibit the entry of aircraft and ships into Mauritius.
   2. NOW THEREFORE, I do hereby prohibit, by virtue of section 3(1 )(a) of the Quarantine Act 2020,
the entry of aircraft and ships into Mauritius until 31 October 2020, except for those aircraft and ships as I
may approve.
   3.    General Notice No. 700 of 2020 is hereby revoked.

                                                                               P. K. JUGNAUTH
                                                               Prime Minister, Minister ofDefence, Home Affairs and
                                                                 External Communications, Minister for Rodrigues,
                                                                       Outer Islands and Territorial Integrity
   31 August 2020

By Authority: Government Printing Department, La Tour Koenig                                           110/08/2020-975
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