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30 September 2020

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2020-09-30 number 121

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               OF MAURITIUS
                                                     Published by Authority

   No. 121                -           Port Louis : Wednesday 30 September 2020                              -           Rs. 25.00

General Notice No. 1397 of2020
                                                       POLICE NOTICE
                         Moon Festival or Mid Autumn Festival - 30th September, 2020
   By virtue of the authority conferred upon me under Section 25(3) of the Police Act and Section 181 of
the Road Traffic Act, traffic arrangements as hereunder, will be made on Wednesday 30th September, 2020
from 1730 hrs to 2030 hrs in China Town, Royal Street, Port Louis.
2. Closed Streets
   The following street will be closed to vehicular traffic, except in case of emergency and will be declared
as a pedestrian zone:-
   Along Royal Road, from its junction with Dr. Joseph Rivière Street up to Emmanuel Anquetil Street.
3. Diversion Of Traffic
   (i)   Vehicular traffic coming from the South along Royal Street, Port Louis will be diverted onto Louis
         Pasteur Street via SSR Street or adjoining streets; and,
   (ii) Buses on routine trips leaving Immigration Bus Stand will either do so via New Trunk
        Road or use Farquhar Street - Louis Pasteur Street - Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam
        Street - Sir Edgar Laurent Street - Noor-E-Islam Street and Nicolay Road to proceed to
        the North.
4. Prohbited Parking
  Vehicles will be prohibited to park along the stretch of Royal Street from its junction with Dr. Joseph
Rivière Street to that with Emmanuel Anquetil Street.
5. Judicial Proceedings
   Non compliance with these traffic arrangements will entail judicial proceedings.
   The Cooperation and understanding of the public would be much appreciated.
   29th September, 2020.
                                                                                                   Mr K. Servansing, PMSM
                                                                                                     Commissioner of Police
                                                                                       Office of the Commissioner of Police
                                                                                                        Police Headquarters
                                                                                                              Line Barracks
                                                                                                                 Port Louis
By Authority: Government Printing Department, La Tour Koenig__________________________________________________________ "____ <-)-0   966
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