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25 October 2020

Mauritius Government Gazette dated 2020-10-25 number 132

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            OF MAURITIUS
                                          Published by Authority

  No. 132                         Port Louis : Sunday 25 October 2020                          Rs. 25.00

General Notice No. 1543 of2020
                                             [Regulation 4(4)]
                                VILLAGE COUNCIL ELECTIONS, 2020
                           APPOINTMENT OF RETURNING OFFICERS
    It is notified for general information that the following persons have been appointed Returning Officers
in respect of the villages shown hereunder, in connection with the forthcoming Village Council Elections:-
    Sn       Villages                         Returning Officer
     1.      Albion                           Mr William Mario AYELOU
     2.      Amaury                           Mr Devanand RAWOJEE
     3.      Amitié-Gokhoola                  Mr Harish Kumar BACHOO
     4.      Arsenal                          Mr Sooman RAMCHURN
     5.      Baie du Cap                      Mr Ahmud Noorany BUSSUN
     6.      Baie du Tombeau                  Mr Kevin MOORGHEN
     7.      Bambous                          Mr Prithiviraj BALLUCK
     8.      Bambous Virieux                  Mr Doularchand DOWARAKA-PERSAD
    9.       Bananes                          Mr Paul Gerard MORAGHEN
    10.      Beau Vallon                      Mr Noel Antoine THOMAS OO
    11.      Bel Air (Rivière Sèche)          Mr Roshan Varma SANTOKHEE
    12,      Bel Ombre                        Mr Parrusknath Panray BHUGWANT
    13.      Belle Vue Maurel                 Mr Hemant Varma ADEEN
    14.      Bénarès                          Mr Nunda RAMASAWMY
   15.       Bois Chéri                       Ms Dushuina MOORGHEN
    16.      Bois des Amourettes              Mr Imran KASSIM
   17.       Bon Accueil                      Mr Navish JHEELAN
   18.       Bramsthan                        Mr Teeluck Raj BHOOBUN
   19.       Brisée Verdière                  Ms Bhamini PRAYAG-RAJCOOMAR
   20.       Britannia                        Mr Devendra Kumar RAMJEE
   21.       Calebasses                       Mr Ricky Goumesh BHOOKHUN
__ 22.       Camp Carol                       Mr Mahendra RAMTOHUL
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