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25 February 2011

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2011-02-25 number 8

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                                     (Published by Authority)
   3,138: Vol. XLVIII No. 8J                                                        Zomba, 25th February, 2011

   Registered at the G.P.O. as a Newspaper                                                         Price: K80.00

                                                CONTENTS                                   Page

                       In the matter of Companies Act—Notice                                  19

                       Genaral Notice No. 8

                               IN THE MATTER OF COMPANIES ACT, 1984
                                           (CHAP. 46:03)


                                     In the matter of the Jem Company Limited

                             Notice of intended cancellation of Registration Company

                            The above-named company gives notice of the following resolution
                       made at its general meeting on 11th January, 2011 as follows—

                             1. The company’s registration certificate be cancelled with effect
                       from the 1 st February, 2011.

                             2. The company shall thus cease to operate as a limited company
                       with effect from the said date.

                                                                              Office to
                           Name     Any former                                 which
                          (present  forename                       Busines appointed
                        forenames      and     Residential Postal occupation and date of
                       and surnames surnames    address    address  if any appointment
                                                          P.O. Box
                        Felix         Felix      Plot LCC 1212              21/04/2009
                        Hakizimana    Hakizimana 251      Lilongwe Salesman Shareholder

                                                              P.O. Box
                        Regina        Regina       LCC 251    1212
                        Mukesha       Mukesha      Limbe      Lilongwe Saleslady 21/04/2009

                            The company gives further notice that it intends to
                       cancel its registration—

                                                     Office held and date ceasing to hold
                                Name(s)                             office

                          Felix Hakizimana         21/04/2009—11/01/2011
                          Regina Mukesha           21/04/2009—11/01/2011

                              Presented by: Messrs Daniel Baleke Mwangwela
                              Address: P.O. Box 414, Blantyre

          Printed and published by the Government Printer, Zomba, Malawi—24090

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