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5 July 2012

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2012-07-05 number 29

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                                       THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                         {Published by Authority)
                                3212: Vol. XLIX No. 29]                                                                        Zomba, 5th July, 2012

                                Registered at the G.P.O. as a Newspaper                                                                     Price: K80.00

                                CONTENT                                  Page           Note: Any person who intends to appear at the hearing of the said
                                                                                 Petition must serve on or send by post to the below named Legal
     Reserve Bank of Malawi—Notice of New Bank Notes and Coins             75
                                                                                 Practitioners a notice in writing of his or her intention so to do. The notice
     In the High Court of Malawi—Notice of Petition of Chitakale                 must state the name and address of the person, or, if a firm, the name and
         Plantations Company                                               75    address of the firm, and must be signed by the person or firm, or his or her
     National Assembly—Notice of Vacant Seat                               75    or their Legal Practitioner (if any), and must be served, or if posted, must
                                                                                 be sent by post in sufficient time to reach the below-named Legal
     Genaral Notice No. 36                                                       Practitioners not later than 12 o’clock noon of the day previous to the day
                                                                                 appointed for the hearing of the winding-up application.
                       RESERVE BANK OF MALAWI
                                                                                       Dated this 27th day of June, 2012.
                                   (section 20)
         Introduction of New Series of Bank Notes and Coins Malawi
                                  Kwacha                                                                                        Destone & Co
            In accordance with section 20 of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Act,                                          Legal Practitioners for the Petitioners
     I, Charles Sydney R. Chuka, Governor of Reserve Bank of Malawi,
     hereby give notice that the Reserve Bank of Malawi shall introduce new
     series of K20, K50, KI00, K200, K500 banknotes and for the first time,      Genaral Notice No. 38
     a K 1,000 banknote and a new series of KI, K5 and K10 coins with
     effect from 23rd May, 2012.                                                                         NATIONAL ASSEMBLY

           The new banknotes series shall run side by side with the old series                                   Vacant Seat
     for a period of one year from 23rd May, 2012, after which the old series
     shall be withdrawn and cease to be legal tender. The above                        Notice is hereby given under section 63 (2) of the Constitution that
     notwithstanding, the old KI, K5 and K10 coins will circulate                the seat for Mzimba Central Constituency is now vacant, following the
     simultaneously with the new coins until such a time as the Reserve Bank     death of Honourable Professor Donton Samuel Job Mkandawire, on
     of Malawi announces their withdrawal from circulation.                      24th December, 2011.

           Made this 9th day of May, 2012.                                             Made this 30th day of January, 2012.

                                                         Chales S. R. Chuka
                                                                                                                    Rt. Hon. H.F. Chimunthu Banda, M.P.
                                                                                                                        Speaker of the National Assembly
     Genaral Notice No. 37
                    IN THE HIGH COURT OF MALAWI

                             BLANTYRE REGISTRY                                                               CORRIGENDUM

               COMMERCIAL CASE NUMBER 5 OF 2012                                        The MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE dated 10th December,
                                                                                 2010, Issue No. 3127 Vol. XLVII No. 48, Notice of Approval to Change
                   (Before Honourable Judge J. N. Katsala)
                                                                                 Names, General Notice No. 72, the Name Herben Livewire to Kangoni
           IN THE MATTER OF CHITAKALE PLANTATIONS                                Chauluka should read Herben Kangoni.

                              COMPANY LIMITED



                EX-PARTE: Mary Woodworth and Lisineti Gremu                         PATENTS AND TRADE MARKS
                             Advertisement of Petition
              (Under r. 25 Companies (Winding Up) Rules. 2010)                        Published on the second Wednesday of the month
           Notice is hereby given that a Petition for the winding-up of the
     above-named Company by the High Court of Malawi was on the 19th day                  Subscription: K21,000 per annum (Malawi)
     of June, 2012 presented to the said Court by the said individuals.                                  US$1050 per annum (Abroad)
            And the said Petition is directed to be heard before the Court at                       Price: K600 per copy
     9:00 o’clock in the forenoon on the 30th day of July, 2012, at the High
     Court Commercial Division in Blantyre and any creditor or                          Obtainable from:
     contributory of the said Company desirous to support or oppose the
     making of an order on the said Petition may appear at the time of hearing
                                                                                       The Government Printer
     by him/herself or his/her Counsel for that purpose; and a copy of the             P.O. Box 37
     Petition will be furnished to any creditor or contributory of the said            Zomba
     Company requiring the same by the undersigned on payment of the
     regulated charge for the same.

                                           Printed and published by the Government Printer, Zomba, Malawi—24339

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