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5 October 2012

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2012-10-05 number 41

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                                                    {Published by Authority)
             2,124: Vol. XLIX No. 41]                                                                 Zomba, 5th October, 2012

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                      Engineers Act—Notice of composition of the Board of
                         Engineers  ..     ..   ..           . .   ....                        217

                      General Notice No. 70
                                                 ENGINEERS ACT
                                                     (Cap. 53:03)
                                       Composition of the Board of Engineers

                           It is notified for general information that in accordance with section 4
                      of the Engineers Act, Honourable Sidik Mia, m.p., Minister responsible
                      for Transport and Public Works, has appointed the following
                      to be members of the Board of Engineers with effect from 19th
                      September, 2012—

                           O. M. Kankhui.ungo, bsc, (Eng)              —       Chairperson

                           S. P. Namuthuwa, B.Sc,
                                 (Mechanical Eng)                      —       Vice Chairperson

                           C. K. Kumangirana, B.Sc,
                                (Civil Eng)                            —       Member

                           P. T. T. Maele, B.Sc, (Civil Eng)           —       Member

                           J. Dias (Mrs.), B.Sc, (Civil Eng)           —       Member

                           B. O. Mkandawire, B.Sc,
                                (Mechanical Eng)                       —       Member

                           P. J. Kulemeka, B.Sc, (Eng)                 —       Member

                           M. W. Phiri, B.Sc, (Civil Eng)              —       Member

                           R. M. A. Champiti, B.Sc,
                                (Civil Eng)                            —       Member

                           S. J. Mkandawire, B.Eng
                                 (Mechanical)                          —       Secretary

                                                                 Moffart J. Chhimbe
                                                       Secretaryfor Transport and Public Works

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