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19 October 2012

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2012-10-19 number 43

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                                      THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                           (Published by Authority)
                             3,126: Vol. XLIX No. 43]                                                                    Zomba, 19th October, 2012

                             Registered at the GLP.O. as a Newspaper                                                                        Price: K80.00

                           CONTENTS                                       Page        This court doth order that the said Envro-Fuel & Chemicals Limited
                                                                                  be wound up by this Court under the provisions of the Companies Act.
In the Matter of Companies Act—Notice of Telsoi
   Telecommunications ..                 ....                              221         And it is ordered by that the cost of hearing the said petition be taxed
                                                                                  and paid out of the assets of the said Company.
Change of Name Restriction Act—Notice of Approval to
   Change Name.      ......................................... ....         221        Made this 10th day of September, 2012.

In the High Court of Malawi—Notice to Enviro-Fuel &
    Chemicals Limited                          ....                         221                                                        Hon Justice Kapanda
In the Suppreme Court of Appeal—Notices to Creditors and                                                                                       Judge
    Contributories     ......................................... ....   221-222

                                                                                             Notice Pursuant to section 228 (2) of the Companies Act.
Genaral Notice No. 72
                                                                                       Notice is hereby given to the Directors, officers, promoters and
          IN THE MATTER OF COMPANIES ACT, 1984                                    employees of the above company within the last 2 years that it is their duty
                                      and                                         under the above section of the Act to make out a company’s statement of
 In the Matter of Telsoi Telecommunications (an External Company)                 Affairs of the company as at the date of the winding-up Order and to attend
                             (Coy. 11382)                                         on the liquidator at such time and place as the liquidator may appoint which
                                                                                  shall not be more than 27 days from the date of the publication of the wind­
                                                                                  ing-up Order.
     Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 303 (4) of Companies Act
Cap. 1984 that at the expiry of three months from the date of application
of this notice, the name of the above company will, unless cause is shown
to the contrary, be stuck off the Register of the companies in the state.
                                                                                  Genaral Notice No. 75
     Dated this 30th day of May, 2012.
                                                                                                IN THE SUPREME COURT OF APPEAL
                                                  V. T. Chibambo Mhango                                   PRINCIPAL REGISTRY
                                             Assistant Registrar of Companies
                                                                                                MSCA CIVIL APPEAL NO. 21 OF 2008
Genaral Notice No. 73                                                                             (Being Commercial Case No. 24 of 2008)

             CHANGE OF NAME RESTRICTION ACT                                                                       BETWEEN
                                 (CAP.24:42)                                      NATIONAL BANK OF MALAWI                                   APPELLANT
                 Change of Name Restriction Regulation                                                               -and-
                   Notice of Approval to Change Name                              CANE PRODUCTS LIMITED (in liquidation)                    RESPONDENT
    Notice is hereby given that approval has been granted by the                                     Notice to Creditors of First Meeting
Government to the under listed person to change name as stated below—
                                                                                              (Reg 105 (2) Company (Winding-Up) Rules 2010
     Rehana Onani to Rehana Rice Khando.
                                                                                   (Under the Order for winding-up of Cane Products Limited, dated
                                                                                                      the 14th day of June 2010)
     Dated 29th August, 2012                   E. Ng’ong’ola
                                    For ChiefSecretary to the Government              Notice is hereby given that the first meeting of creditors in the above
                                                                                  matter will be held at the Official Receiver’s office, 4th floor Fatima
Genaral Notice No. 74
                                                                                  Arcade, Hailic Selassie Road, Blantyre on the 18th day of October, 2012 at
                IN THE HIGH COURT OF MALAWI                                       two o’clock in the afternoon.
                       COMMERCIAL DIVISION                                              To entitle you to vote thereat your proof must be lodged with me not
                                                                                  later than four o’clock on the 10th day of October, 2012
              PETITION CASE NUMBER 09 OF 2011
                                                                                       Forms of proof and of general and special proxies are enclosed
      (BEFORE HONOURABLE JUSTICE F. E. KAPANDA)                                   herewith and are available for correction from the Official Reciever’
     IN THE MATTER OF ENVIRO-FUEL & CHEMICALS                                     office,4th froor,Fatima Arcade,Blantyre.
                      LIMITED                                                          Proxies to be used at the meeting must be lodged with me not later
                                     AND                                          than four o’clock on the 10th day of October 2012.

                    In the Matter of the Companies Act                                 At the meeting creditors will, among other things, determine by
                     Cap46:03 of The Laws of Malawi
                                                                                       (1)    whether or not application is to be made to the Court to appoint
                   Order for Winding lip by the Court                                         a liquidator in place of the official receiver/provisional
      Upon the petition of Agma Limited, a contributor of the                                 liquidator.
above-named company on the 27th day of July, 2011 preferred unto                       (2)     whether or not application shall be made to the Court for
the Court, and upon hearing Counsel for the petitioner, and upon reading                       the appointment of a committee of inspection to act with the
the said petition, an affidavit of Mark Katsonga Phbm verify ing the said                      liquidator, and who are to be the members of the committee
petition, filed on the 27th day of July, 2011, the Daily Times newspaper                       if appointed.
of the 1st day of August, 2011 containing an advertisement of the said
petition.                                                                              Dated this 26th day of September, 2012
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