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19 February 2016

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2016-02-19 number 8

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                                       THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                            (Published by Authority)
                               3,320: Vol. LI 11 No. 8|                      ... ...... .                 ’          .............         Zomba, 19th February, 2016

                               Registered at the G.P.O. as a Newspaper                                                                                        Price: K200.00

                              CONTENTS                                     Page             BEEEEJgiBEigogiaaBrBiaoaogjBjafBiaBJBJgjaiaagigQgia 0
                                                                                            §                                                 §
Ministry of Labour—Notice
                                                                                             j                                                                                 j
                                                                                                       MALAWI GOVERNMENT
General Notice No. 15
                                                                                                            GAZETTE                                                            |g
                             MINISTRY OF LABOUR                                                                                                                                 g
                                                                                             g                                                                                  g
                           LABOUR RELATIONS ACT                                              g                                                                                  g
                                                                                             g                          .                                                       g
                                                                                            2j     (General Notices, Government Notices and Acts)                              Ej
 Notice of appointment of Penelists of the Industrial Relations Court
                                                                                            (3                   Published Weekly (Fridays)
      It is   hereby   notified for General Information that in exercise of the             p]                                                                                 S
powers conferred by section 66 of the Labour Relations Act, Minister of                     g                                                                                  g
Labour has appointed the following individuals as panellists of the
                                                                                            g                                                                                  g
Industrial Relations Court—                                                                 I                                                                                  i
                                                                                            J                                                                                      J
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                                                                                            | Available at:                                                                    I

                                                                                            gb                                                                                 gb
     Employer's Panelists                          Employees 'Panelists

     Ms. Ivy Kwatiwani                           Ms. Sophie Chitenje                        g                                                                                  g
                                                                                            g                                                                                  g
                                                                                            g                                                                                  g
     Mr. Frank Chakanga                          Mrs. Hellen Mtete                          g                                                                                  g
                                                                                            g Government Press                       Government Press       Government Press g
                                                                                            Ej                                                          -                    S
     Mr. Emmanuel Banda                          Mr. Charles Mikundi                        g]    P.O. Box 37                        Lilongwe Branch    Mzuzu Office           g
                                                                                            I     Zomba                              P.O. Box 216       P.O. Box 20048         |
     Ms. Mirriam Luhanga                         Mr. Expert Sinjani
                                                                                            S     Tel.: 01 525 155                   Lilongwe           Luwinga
     Mr. Justice Matonga                         Mr. Kondwani Kazembe                       g                                                                                  g
                                                                                            g     Fax: 01 525 175                    Tel.: 01 755 904   Mzuzu 2                g
                                                                                            g                                                                                  g
                                                                                            |         01 524 301                                            Tel.: 01 332 558   |
                                                                                            g                                                               g
     2. Lilongwe                                                                            g                                                               g
                                                                                            g______________________________________________________________ g
     Employer's Panelists                          Employees' Panelists

     Mr. Alick Sikelo                            Mrs. Peter Kamzitu

     Mr. Yacinto Chikapa                         Mr. Robert Mkwezalamba
                                                                                                  PATENTS AND TRADE MARKS
     Mr. Lameck Gomani                           Ms. Zione Manjawira
                                                                                                                     Published on the second
     3. Mzuzu                                                                                                        Wednesday of the month
     Employer's Panelists                         Employees' Panelists                                Subscription:            K20,000 per annum (Malawi)
                                                                                                                              USS1050 per annum (Abroad)
     Mr. Kisa Mwafulirwa                         Mr. Alexander Lungu
                                                                                                                     Price:            K1000 per copy
     Ms. Cecilia Nyirenda                        Ms. Mercy Kachale
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     Dated this 9th day of February, 2016.                                                         The Government Printer
                                                                                                   P.O. Box 37
                                                       Patrick Kabambe                             Zomba
(file. no. c/7/52)                            Principal Secretary for Labour
                                                                                                   Tel.: 01 525 155
                                                                                                   Fax: 01 525 175
                                                                                                          01 524 301

                                          Printed and published by   the   Government Printer, Zomba, Malawi—25839
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