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1 April 2016

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2016-04-01 number 15

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&                  £

                                        THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                              (Published by Authority)
                                 3,327: Vol. LIII No. 15]                                                                            Zomba, 1st April, 2016

                                 Registered at the G.P.O. as a Newspaper                                                                       Price: K250.00

                             CONTENTS                                        Page            2.    The proposed line route shall be as follows—
    Automotive Trades Registration and Fair Practices Act—Notice
            of Intention to apply for Renew of Reistration..                   59            The power line starts from Nkhoma Substation in T/A Mazengela’s
    Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi—Notification of                            area at Bango village going southwards into Khongo, Nkompha, Soopa,
         Intetion to Erect Power Transmission Lines  . .                       59       Namunje, Matapala, Kaphala villages where it crosses Nathenje River and
                                                                                        goes into T/A Chadza’s area at Mwinimudzi, Mweche and Kanduna I
    General Notice No. 27                                                               villages. It proceeds to the north of Nsanjiko Hill passing through Mpalata
                                                                                        and Chaponda villages where it crosses Nanjiri and Kachewele Rivers
                                                                                        going into T/A Tsabango’s area at Mitanda, Chiwoza, Chikungu villages.
          AUTOMOTIVE TRADES REGISTRATION AND FAIR                                       The line makes a 110 degree angle moving westwards to the south of
                                PRACTICES ACT                                           Msambachikho Primary School where it crosses the Blantyre-Lilongwe
                                    (Cap. 50:05)                                        Ml Road and lands into Bunda Turn-off at Mkwata village.

              Notice of Intention to apply for Renewal of Registration                      Any owner, lessee, or occupier over whose land the intended
                                   (section 15 (2))                                    transmission lines passes, is informed that plans for construction are
                                                                                       available for inspection at the Corporation’s Office at Umoyo House in
         Take notice that Stansfield Motors Limited of P.O. Box 45,                    Blantyre and Magetsi House in Lilongwe. Route           plans can also be
    Blantyre, intend to apply to the Automotive Trades Registration Board for          inspected at Millennium Challenge Account-Malawi        Offices at Pamodzi
    Renewal of Registration of Stansfield Motors Limited as a Commercial               House in Lilongwe and Lilongwe District Council         Office at any time
    Garage Proprietor in respect of premises situated at Plot Nos. BE 268              during normal business days (Monday to Friday)          from 07.30 am to
    Blantyre, Plot Bwaila 4/268 and 4/269, Lilongwe, Plot No. 105 and 106              5.00 pm.
    Mzuzu, and for renewal of such premises as Commercial Garage.                            Notice is further given that objections by any owner, lessee or
                                                                                       occupier of land affected by the intended transmission line must be served
         Dated this 4th day of January, 2016.                                          on the Corporation in writing within 30 days from the date hereof at the
                                                                                       offices of the Corporation.
                                                        G. Durante (Mrs)
                                                      Administration Manager
                                                                                             Dated this 29th day of January, 2016.

    General Notice No. 28
                                                                                                                   Everson B. Sitolo
                                                                                                  Director of Corporate Services and Company Secretary
     ELECTRICITY SUPPLY CORPORATION OF MALAWI LIMITED                                               Electricity Supply Corporation ofMalawi Limited

                    ELECTRICITY ACT NO. 22 OF 2004

          Notification of intetion to Erect Power Transmission Lines
                                                                                        a                                                                       la]
                            (Nkhoma-Bunda Turn-Off)                                     I                                                                        &
                                                                                                   MALAWI GOVERNMENT                                             a
         In Accordance with section 39 of the Electricity Act, No 22 of 2004,                                                                                    a
    notice is hereby given that Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi
    Limited (hereinafter called “the Corporation”) intends to erect an overhead
    power transmission line (hereinafter called “the Line”) from new Nkhoma                   (General Notices, Government Notices and Acts)
    Substation to Bunda Turn-off in Lilongwe.                                                           Published Weekly (Fridays)

         1.    Particulars of the line are as follows—
                                                                                                  Price varies depending on number of pages
               Length                   30.2km
               Wayleave width
                                        30 metres (15m either side)
                                        132 000 Volts
                                                                                       I    Available at:
                                                                                            Government Press          Government Press      Government Press

        Description                                                                    3    P.O. Box 37
                                                                                                                      Lilongwe Branch
                                                                                                                      P.O. Box 216
                                                                                                                                            Mzuzu Office
                                                                                                                                            P.O. Box 20048
                                                                                            Tel.: 01 525 155          Lilongwe              Luwinga
         The line shall be of single circuit horizontal construction of three
                                                                                            Fax: 01 525 175           Tel.: 01 755 904      Mzuzu 2
    phase wire from Nkhoma Substation to Bunda Turn-off Substation. Type of
    conductor used shall be stranded Parakeet (ACSR) conductor housing a                          01 524 301                                Tel.: 01 332 558
    nominal cross section area of 282 square millimeters. The type of earth
    wire will be a 48 core optic fibre ground wire (OPGW). The line will be
    constructed on steel lattice towers.

                                            Printed and published by   the   Government Printer, Zomba, Malawi—25877
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