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3 June 2016

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2016-06-03 number 24

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r 85/31
                                  THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                            __________________ {Published by Authority)_______ ______________
                            3,336: Vol. LUI No. 24]                                                              Zomba, 3rd June, 2016

                            Registered at the GP.O. as a Newspaper                                                      Price: K1500.00
                                                         CONTENTS                                   Page

                                      MACRA:    Notice   of Courier   Services   Licence   for
                                           —Times Courier Limited           ..                   95-108
                                          —Posts Courier Limited           ..                    109-122

                                                                                           Licence No. P/DCCL/20 16/012/TIM
    General Notice No. 43
    Reference: Postal-201 6-012-DCCL                                                       (This licence number must be quoted on all
                                                                                           correspondence and at interviews)


                                        Domestic Commercial Courier Services Licence
                                                           This is to certify that
                                                           TIMES COURIER

    Of: P/Bag 39,

    is licensed to provide Domestic Commercial Courier Services under Part VI of the Communications Act, 1998, for a period
    of FIVE(5) Years commencing on 22nd December, 2014 and ending on 21 December, 2019, subject to the Licensee’s
    compliance with all Terms and Conditions of the Licence and the Communications Act. The licence fees payable by the
    Licensee to MACRA shall be as follows—
          (a)     An Annual Licence Fee of the Malawi Kwacha equivalent of Five Thousand United States of America Dollars
                  (US$5,000.00) payable before the Gazetting of the Licence and on each and every anniversary of the Licence.
          (b)     A levy equal to one and half percent (1 '/z %) of the Licensees’ Net Operating Revenue for each year payable in
                  advance in four equal instalments. Calculation of the first three quarterly instalments shall be based on the
                  management accounts of the Licensee for the financial year. A final quarterly payment shall be made based on Net
                  Operating Revenue within 30 days of issue of audited accounts. Adjustments shall be made for the first three
                  quarterly payments if the Net Operating Revenue in the budget differs from the audited accounts.

    Nothing in this Licence shall be taken as discharging or exempting the Licensee from the obligation to comply with any other
    law applicable to its business.

                Godfrey Itaye                                                                                  Mervis MANGULENJE
            Director General                                                                                         Chairperson

    This Licence is issued subject to the terms and conditions hereto, and to any other terms and conditions and promises of
    performance that may from time to time be incorporated herein under the Communications Act and the Regulations thereto.
    Failure to comply with any terms and conditions may lead to suspension or revocation of this Licence

                                    Issued without alteration or erasure, and void if altered or erased

                                   Domestic Commercial Courier Services Licence for Times Courier
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