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23 September 2016

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2016-09-23 number 43

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                                   THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                      (Published by Authority)
                           3 355: Vol. LI No. 431                                                                 Zomba, 23rd September, 2016

                           Registered at the G.P.O. as a Newspaper                                                                     Price: K500.00

                          CONTENTS                                    Page          3. That the Commission has appointed 17th October, 2016 as the day
                                                                               on which the Constituency and Ward Returning Officers shall receive
Malawi Electoral Commission—Notices of By-Elections Order 199-200
                                                                               nomination papers from candidates wishing to stand for the office of the
                                                                               Member of National Assembly and Local Council from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00
                                                                               p.m. at the following places:
                                                                                          (a) Kamwendo TDC for Mchinji West constituency
General Notice No. 74
                                                                                          (A) Kaliyeka School for Kaliyeka ward
                                                                                          (c) Kasungu LEA School for Bunda ward

                                                                                          (</) Dedza Community Hall for Bembeke ward
                       BY-ELECTIONS ORDER
                                                                                          (e) Sadzi School for Sadzi Ward
  (tinder section 36 of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections
                                                                                    Nomination papers will be made available at the District
  Act as read with section 63 1 (b) and (2) of the Constitution of the
                                                                               Commissioner's office and the Constituency and Ward Returning Officer’s
                          Republic of Malawi).
                                                                               offices from 3rd October, 2016. Aspiring candidates in the constituency
                                                                               and wards and/or their agents may collect the nomination papers on any
     (Under section 23 (2) of the Local Government Elections Act)              other day from that date so long as they are presented back to the Returning
                                                                               Officer on 17th October, 2016.
     WHEREAS it is provided in the Constitution that the Commission
                                                                                   4. That the commission further orders that fees payable on deposit of
shall organise, conduct and supervise Parliamentary By-Elections and
                                                                               nomination papers shall be as follows:
Local government By-Elections to fill vacant seats in the National
Assembly and Local Councils;                                                              (а) MK200,000 for male candidates and MK 150,000 for female
                                                                                      candidates for Parliamentary Elections.
     WHEREAS it is provided under the Parliamentary and Presidential
Elections Act and Local Government elections Act that a voters' register                (б) Non-Refundable nomination fees of MK20,000 for male
shall be open for updating;                                                         candidates and MK 15,000 for female candidates for Local
                                                                                    Government Elections
      WHEREAS it is provided under the Parliamentary and Presidential
Elections Act that the Commission shall appoint the place, date and time           5. That Campaigning in the by elections shall close on 30th October,
for the receipt of nomination papers from candidates by Returning Officers     2016 at 6.00 a.m.
in respect of each constituency and ward;
                                                                                      Declared this 16th day of September, 2016 at Blantyre.
     WHEREAS it is provided under the Parliamentary and Presidential
Elections Act and Local Government Elections Act that candidates for the
office of National Assembly shall pay such sum of money as fixed by the
Commission on nomination to be tendered together with nomination                                                            Thandi Nkovole
papers;                                                                                                                  For chief elections officer

      WHEREAS it is provided under the Parliamentary and Presidential
Elections Act and Local Government Elections Act that all political parties
and candidates shall have the right to campaign in public in an election and                                   SCHEDULE I
that supporters thereof shall either alone or in common with others enjoy
                                                                                                       DISTRICT: 012—MCHINJI
complete and unhindered freedom of peaceful assembly in campaigning in
an election;                                                                                        MCHINJI DISTRICT COUNCIL

     NOW THEREFORE, The Commission issues notice for the purposes                               Constituency Code: 067—Mchinji west
of Parliamentary as well as Local Government By-elections by declaring
as follows:                                                                    Ward                 Centre Code           Name of Centre
     1. That by elections shall be conducted on 1st November, 2016 in the      0155 Mkoma              12066           Ludzi School
following constituency and wards:
                                                                                                       12067           Guilleme School
          (a) Mchinji West constituency in Mchinji District Council                                    12068           Mchinji Community Hall
          (A) Kaliyeka ward in Lilongwe City Council                                                   12069           Kamwendo School
                                                                                                      12070            Kochirira School
          (c) Sadzi ward in Zomba City Council
                                                                                                      12071            Zulu School
          (d) Bembeke ward in Dedza District Council
                                                                                                      12072            Mchinji Sec School
          (e) Bunda ward in Kasungu Town Municipal Council                                            12073            Mkumba School

                                                                                                      12074            Mzura School
     2. That the update of the voters register shall take place from 12th to
16th October, 2016 from 8.00am to 4.00pm on each day in the centres as                                12075            Kabira School
outlined in the Schedule 1-5.                                                  I                      10               Ward Total
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