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11 November 2016

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2016-11-11 number 51

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                                   THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                      (Published by Authority)
                           3,363: Vol. LIII No. 51]                                                              Zoin ba, 11th November, 2016

                           Registered at the GP.O. as a Newspaper                                                                    Price: K500.00

                       CONTENTS                                      Page     2016 for Bunda Ward in Kasungu Municipal Council, Kaliyeka Ward in
                                                                              Lilongwe District Council, Bembeke Ward in Dedza District Council and
Malawi Electoral Commission—Notice of By-Elections
                                                                              Sadzi Ward in Zomba City Council. The results are as in the following
    Results of Parliamentary and Local Government . .           231—232

                                                                                   Declared this 2nd day ofNovember, 2016 at Blantyre.
General Notice No. 90
                                                                                                                    Thandi Nkovole
                                                                                                   Acting Deputy ChiefElections Officer (Operations)
                           SECTION 44(1)

         Parliamentary By-Elections Results, November 2016                                               SCHEDULE 1

                                                                                       0101 BUNDA WARD—041 KASUNGU CENTRAL
     It is hereby notified for general information that in accordance with
sections 90 to 99 of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act, I do                                                            % ofIndividual
hereby declare the Parliamentary By-Election results held on 1st                                                                          Votes against
November, 2016 for Mchinji West Constituency in Mchinji District
                                                                              Candidate Name                     Party        Votes         Valid Votes
Council. The results are as in the following schedule—
                                                                              Mark CHIWAWALU                 UDF                12                1.00
    Declared this 2nd day of November, 2016 at Blantyre.
                                                                              Patrick MBALE                  Independent         8               0.66
                                      Thandi Nkovole
                                                                              Gerald Bomface PFURI           Independent      269              22.32
                     Acting Deputy ChiefElections Officer (Operations)
                                                                              Johnathan Kayafa TEMBO        MCP               297              24.65

                                                                              Phillimon Mbalela THEU        DPP               619              51.37
                             SCHEDULE 1
                                                                              Total Valid Votes                             1,205
                                                                              Null and Void                                     13
                                                           % ofIndividual
                                                             Votes against    % of Null & Void                               1.07

Candidate Name                       Party         Votes       Valid Votes    Total Votes                                   1,216

Stephano Mwale KAMWANI           DPP               4,806             29.6     % Turn Out                                    39.80
Peter Dominico Sinosi Driver    Independent          673               4.1    Total Registered                               3,060
Mbakuwaku KUWANI

Arnold Malingamoyo LYSON        PP                  114               0.7

Jephter Fackson MWALE           MCP              10,647             65.6                                 SCHEDULE 2
                                                                                0210 KALIYEKA WARD—087 LILONGWE CITY SOUTH-EAST
Total Valid Votes                                16,240

Null and Void                                       214
                                                                                                                                       % ofIndividual
% of Null & Void                                   1.30
                                                                                                                                         Votes against
Total Votes                                      16,454
                                                                              Candidate Name                     Party       Votes        Valid Votes
% Tiirn Out                                       25.85
Total Registered                                 63,660                       Richard BANDA                 MCP               761               52.34
                                                                              Saidi Yusuf KALULU            PP                 52                3.58
                                                                              Stella Mlowoka NYASULU        DPP                641              44.09
General Notice No. 91
                MALAWI ELECTORAL COMMISSION                                   Total Valid Votes                              1,454
                                                                              Null and Void                                      11
                           SECTION 36 (1)
      Local Government By-Elections Results, November 2016                    %ofNull&Void                                     0.75

                                                                              Total Votes                                    I, 465
     It is hereby notified for general information that in accordance with
                                                                              % Turn Out                                     1258
sections 74 to 83 of the Local Government Elections Act, I do hereby
declare the Local Government By-Election results held on 1st November,        Total Registered                               II, 649
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