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25 November 2016

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2016-11-25 number 55

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                             THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                        {Published by Authority)
                      3,367: Vol. LIII No. 55]                                                   Zomba, 25th November, 2016
                      Registered at the GP.O. as a Newspaper                                                   Price: KI,500.00

                                                   CONTENTS                                    Page

                                MACRA—Notice of Community Sound Broadcasting Licence
                                         awarded to:
                                       —Rumphi Community Radio.                        ■ • 247-260
                                       —Lilanguka Community Radio.     .               ■■    261-274
                                       —Love FM Community Radio.                       ■ ■   275-288
                                       —Kasungu Community Radio.
                                                                                       ■ ■   289-303

General Notice No. 99
                                                                                 Licence No. CRBL/077/2016

Reference: B-CRB-077                                                             (This licence number must be quoted on all
                                                                                 correspondence and at interviews)


                                COMMUNITY SOUND BROADCASTING LICENCE
                                                       This is to certify that
                                           ' RUMPHI COMMUNITY RADIO

Of: C/o Rumphi DC,
     P.O. Box 224, Rumphi.

is licensed to provide a COMMUNITY SOUND BROADCASTING SERVICE under Part V of the Communications Act,
1998, for a period of SEVEN (7) Years commencing on 1st December, 2016, and ending on 30th November, 2023, subject
to the Licensee’s compliance with all Terms and Conditions of the Licence and Communications Act. The licence fees payable
by the Licensee to MACRA shall be as follows:
    (a)   Broadcasting Licence fee as stipulated in Section 51 (1 )(a) of the Act, in the amount of Malawian Kwacha
          equivalent of USS 100.00 annually;
    (b)   Radio Licence (frequency) assignment fee of Malawian Kwacha equivalent of US$712.00 per assigned
          broadcasting frequency for the First Licence Year and Malawian Kwacha equivalent of US$356.00 the second year
          and thereafter;
    (c)   Studio Transmitter Links (STLs) frequency fee of Malawian Kwacha equivalent of US$356.00 per link.
    (d)   The Authority reserves the right to review this Licence and all fees chargeable herein as it deems fit.

                                                          Godfrey Itaye
                                                         Director General

This Licence is issued subject to the terms and conditions hereto, and to any other terms and conditions and promises of
performance that may from time to time be incorporated herein under the Communications Act and the Regulations thereto.
Failure to comply with any terms and conditions may lead to suspension or revocation of this Licence

                             Issued without alteration or erasure, and void if altered or erased

                                   Broadcasting Licence for Rumphi Community Radio
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