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7 August 2020

Malawi Government Gazette supplement dated 2020-08-07 number 23A

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GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY                                                                   399
The Malawi Gazette Supplement,                dated    7th   August,     2020,   containing
   Regulations, Rules, etc.                                                       (No. 23A)

Government Notice No. 48
                                  PUBLIC HEALTH ACT
                                        (Cap. 34:01)
     In Exercise of the powers conferred by section 31 as read with section 29 of the
Public Health Act and pursuant to the declaration of COVID-19 as a formidable disease on
the 1st day of April, 2020,1, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, Minister of Health, make the
following Rules—
                        ARRANGEMENT OF RULES
                            PART I—Preliminary
   1. Citation
   2. Interpretation

                    Part II—General Preventive Measures
          Division I — Prevention of spread of Corona Virus by persons
   3.     Preventive measures
   4.     Persons with COVID-19 symptoms
   5.     Person diagnosed with CO VID-19
   6.     Reporting of COVID-19 cases
   7.     Handling of dead bodies

          Division II — Measures by the Government to prevent, contain and
          manage the spread of CO VID-19
    8.    Compulsory testing, detention, etc
    9.    Places of quarantine and isolation
    10.   Certification of enforcement officers
    11.   Regulation of public gatherings
    12.   Regulation of education institutions
    13.   Regulation of workplaces
    14.   Regulation of entry into Malawi
    15.   Restrictions relating to public transportation
    16.   Restrictions on hospitality, recreation and other public events
    17.   Restricted areas
    18.   Prohibition relating to travel and permit requirement
    19.   Essential services

                       Part III — Miscellaneous
    20. Offences and penalties
    21. Immunity from liability
    22. Revocation
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