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15 June 2020

Namibia Government Gazette dated 2020-06-15 number 7242

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                  GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                     OF THE

                     REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA
N$22.20                                  WINDHOEK - 15 June 2020                                             No. 7242


No. 231     Namibia Statistics Agency: Namibia Quality Assurance Framework for Statistics (NQAFS) ..............      1

                                            General Notice
                                    NAMIBIA STATISTICS AGENCY

No. 231                                                                                                            2020


The Namibia Quality Assurance Framework for Statistics (NQAFS) was issued by the Statistician-
General in line with the provisions of Part VI of the Statistic Act No. 9 of 2011, dealing with the
Coordination of the National Statistical System (NSS). In particular, section 34, sub-section 1 and
2(b) dealing with the issuance of a Code of Practice aimed at establishing and maintaining public
confidence in official statistics which may impose requirements with respect to, inter alia, measures
to ensure the optimum quality and comparability of official and other statistics and section 36 dealing
with the issuance of statistical standards.

The Framework was developed with comprehensive consultations with the users and producers
of statistics in the NSS and in line with the Guidelines for the Template for a United Nations
Generic Quality Assurance Framework and the World Bank Data Quality Assessment Framework.
Furthermore, the Framework sets out clear guidelines and specifications under which quality statistics
must be produced, evaluated and designated into the official statistics. Satisfactory implementation
of the Framework is therefore hoped to lead to an increase user trust in the producing institutions of
official statistics and hence increase the demand and coverage of use.

The Framework is therefore applicable to all data producers in Namibia and shall be implemented
fully without any delay.
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