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29 January 2021

Namibia Government Gazette dated 2021-01-29 number 7443

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                                                         OF THE

                  REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA
N$16.80                                 WINDHOEK - 29 January 2021                               No. 7443



Road Carrier Permits...........................................................                             1

                                               ROAD CARRIER PERMITS

The under-mentioned applications for Public Road Carrier Permits indicate (1) reference number and the area
within which the proposed road transport will be undertaken, (2) name of applicant and nature of application,
(3) number and type of vehicles, (4) nature of proposed road transportation and (5) points between and routes
over or area within which the proposed road transportation is to be effected are published in terms of section
14(1) of the Road Transportation Act, 1977 (Act No. 74 of 1977), Representations which interested parties
wish to make in respect of the applications must comply with the provisions of regulation 4(1) of the Road
Transportation Regulations, 1977 and must be in quadruplicate in respect of each application and must be
delivered by hand or sent by registered post to the Secretary, Road Transportation Board, Private Bag 13178,
Windhoek to reach that office not later than 21 days after the date of publication of this Government Gazette.
Address to which representations must be submitted: M. Cloete, Private Bag 12030, Ausspannplatz,
Windhoek, Namibia. Full particulars in respect of each application are open to inspection at the ROADS
AUTHORITY, NaTIS House, Faraday Street, Windhoek.
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