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14 March 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1959-03-14 number 18

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     Keederation of Nigeria
                   _ Official Gazette
     No, 18                oo "LAGOS-14th March,1959                                            |             Vol. 46
             t Notice No. $68 |
         The following is notified for general information :—
                                                                      By His Excellency's Command,
                                                                                    M. B, Hat,
                                                                          ’ Acting Secretary to the Governor-General.
                                                                                 and to
                                                                                      tothe High Commissioner
       Lagos, f4th Mutoh, 1959,                 ae                           + “Jor the Southern Cameroons

                                     Inpex to Leagan Norieas IN SUPPLEMENT
     LN. No,                            -             “Short Title                                        ‘        Page   .
       59 Nigerla (Constitution) (Amendment) Order in Council, 1959 ..             6.       cs ae             ee   BLOT
       60 Nigeria (Offices of Governor-General and Governors) (Amendment)Order in Council, 1959                    B126
       61 Federation.of Nigeria Royal Instructions, 1959 -           be      eee          cae       ee        be   BAO #
     - 62 Rogiona ofNigeria Royal Instructions, 1959 6.              ek      ee we         te        we       oe, BIO

             inted‘Published. by theFederal GovernmentPrinter,
        aneadte                                                Niswie 7S7/S59152350
        t} inhi
               eer pte vote ater iejanuaty
                                        ;rsAaapply ealoternment pent
                                                                  for ‘the

                                            °           (2)

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