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7 July 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1959-07-07 number 41

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Ggroninary                - TARYN oie dS CLEERTIES Chee                                            .    abs

                                                                    TO a GaP                 ecards ard.

  Nol                                  _1aG08-Toy.1959,
                                                    Bo. oe                                   Vol46
" Gavertonent Notice Noii381                        a             oO PRE UR- .                                  |
                                      Govannron-Gunaea’8 Movascanrs
                   y the Governor-General will leave Lagos onthe 4th of July, 1989, foravisitto Liberinand
 satinHe will return to Lagos on the 10th of wis 1959,                              wedgh pieee euct

          it Notes fie. 1382” IN IRE te
 Government                                                                     |
                               - Avpountamny og Govarnor-Ganerat’s“Darury
                         for general information that by virtue of an Instrument under the Public Seal of the
     Itis hereb;
 Federation of)                th dey of March, 1958, Sir Raupi FrANcIs ALNWICK Gay, K.C.M.G., K.C.V.0.,
 OWE, Depaty          onGeneral, will dedumethe duties of the Governor-General during the
                                                                                       t periodfrom the
 ‘thotJuly,1959 to 10th of July,1959.                                                        2
                                          :                  By His Excellency’s Command,          _

                                                         .               A. G, He GariBow"
                           oo                                   .., Acting: Secretary to; the Governor-General
  ol                 9.                                                                           .

 Government Notice Ne, 1383.
                      Durius or Han Coxnitirona FOR THE Sou’THERN Cannons
               otifed for general, information that b virtue of an Instrument under the Public Seal of the
      .             dared12th day af, September,1958, Sir Ratrx Francis ALNWICK GRRY, K.C.M.G.,
 Kor Owne:, Wilk seetimetha dutica of the High Commissioner for the Southem Cameroons during1
     ol rmath ofJuly 1989 to 10of Jl, 1959,                                             HCE ES              af

                                                              By His Excellency’s Command,

                                                                        A. G. H, Garpner-BRown,
                                                                Acting Sorte5totnSor
                                                                                  the     Commissioner,

 taoe MOTO Sones na ee x@t@.o00e
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