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27 July 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1959-07-27 number 46

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                          . Official. Gazette
    No. 46                                7
                                                  LAGOS «27th July, 1959                               |                   Vol. 46
 Government Notice No: 1542                                                     .
                                      x       Laaos:Locan Govinlmur Law, 1953
                          (Western Region Law 4 of 1953 (as amended by Ordinance 35 of 1956))
                           ArroInTMenr or Curr Exgcroran Orricer AND RETURNING OFFICER
     It je notisied thet the. Governor-General, in exercise of the powers conferred bysections 19 and 20 of
 the above Law, aa amonded, after consultation with the Council of Ministers, has made the following
        Chief   Electoral Officer—The officer carrying out the functions of Secretary for Land and Lagos Affairs,
 in nents of Lagos Affairs, Mines andPower.                                                    5        =
     Returning Officer-—The officer carrying out the functions of Under-Secretary, Land snd Lagos. Affairs,
 in the Miniatry of Lagos Affairs, Mines and Power.

                              :   :                                       cting Deputy
                                                                       Acting                           the Council of MMinisters
                                                                                           Secretary totheCorel
                                                                                  Deputy Secretaryto
  Lagos, 25th July, 1959.                                                                                  ”               f Minister.
                                                                                                                    $1.0071/S. 7/11

    ,             .                           Inpax ‘to LeaaL Notices in SuPPLEMENT
 LN.’ No,                                             Short Title                        .        ,                               Page

  167 Lagos ‘TownCouncil (Becton Date) Order, 1959 ..                               ws       oe       ue       .     .       .. B3dt
  168 List of Voters (Temporary Amendment) Order, 1959                              on       ve       oe       ne    ae      «+ B42
_ 169 Lagoa Town Council (Division into Wards and Allocation of Seats) Order, 1959                                   es      ..   B343
   —~ Bill entitled the Supplementary Appropriation (1959-60) Ordinance, 1959    .                                   .       ..    C81
 = Bill entitled the Revolving Loans Fund for IndustryOrdinance, 1959...          0...                               0s.     ws C85
 —— Bill entitled the Statutory Corporations (Guarantee of Loans) Ordinance, 1959                                    se      owe C87

                         #                                                  e

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                       fom  ist  January each                                             issue (including Sup-
                                              years Nigeria, £3, - Overseas, £3-10s post free. Present the subscription rate
  , Annual Subsori                                                                            rinter for
 plement) i {pee tpsion lew istener afcer TerJanuacyao id apply to he GovernmentP.
          :           year,
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