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31 August 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1959-08-31 number 55

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        EFederation of Nigeria .
                Official Gazette
  No, ss                                ‘LAGOS- Bist August 1959                                 “Vol.46

Government Notice No, 1803                                                    ’
                                Govannor-Ganggat’s DEPARTURE ON LEAVE
     HisExcellency SinJanus Wirson Rosearson, Knight GrandCross of the Most Distinguished Order-of-
Saint Michael and Saint George,        t. Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order; Knight Commander.of
the Most Exceliont Orderof choBritish Empire, Governor-General and Commander-in-Chiefof the Federa-
ton of Nigeria, hua this day proceededte the United Kingdom on leave of absence.
30th August, 1959,                                                                  .    -GG0109/S, 2
Government Notice No. 1804                   ”
                            Sucerssron To HeGovERNMENTOF THE FEDERATION
    It is hereby notified for general information that in accordance with section 5 ofthe Nigeria (Offices of
Governor-General and Goverriors) Order in Council, 1954 to 1959, Sin Ratpu Francis ALNwick Grey,
KGM.Gy KC.V.0.a¢0.8.44 Deputy      Governor-General of the Federation, having this day made the prescribed
Oaths,has assumed administration of the Governmentof the Federation during the absence of the Governor-
General (rom: Nigeria,
                                                                 By His Excellency’s Command,
       =i                                                                  A. G. H, Ganpner-Brown, °
     3                                                               Acting Secretary to the Governor-General
Lagos, 30th August, 1959.                    ‘       -                                     . GGOI09/5.2
Government Notice No. 1805
           APPOINTMENT oF SECRETARY TO THE Governon-Genenat AND CounciL of Ministers
    leis hereby notified|for eneral information that Martin Beaucuamp HAL, Esquire, has been appointed
to act as: Secre           overnor-General and Council of Ministers. In such capacity ‘he also acts as
Secretary to the ahfie,Governor of the Southern Cameroons,
     Mr M. 3B,Hall's appointment haa effectfronithe 30th of August, 1959.
            .                                    +
                                                                 By His Excellency’s Command,
                                                                          A.-G. H, Garpner-Brown,
                                                                     Acting Secretary to the Governor-General
Lagos, 30th August, 1959.                ,                                                   GG0109/S,2
GovernmentNotice No,1806
                       ~~ APPOINTMENToF ActiNe Darory Govannon-Gunenat ,
    Tt is hereby notifiedforBenenal informationthat inexercise of the powersconferred‘upon him by sub-
section 3 ofsection 44 of the vigeris{Offices of Governor-General arid Governors) Orders in Council, 1954 to
£59 the Governor-General. has been pleasedto appoint ANTHONY Grorrrey Hopwoop GARDNER-BROWN,
  quire, CM,G,; to: act as the Deputy Governor-General of the Federation witheffect from 30th August, 1959.
                                                               By His Excellency's Command,
                                                                                  M.B. Harz,
                a                                                    Acting’Secretary to the Covernor-General
Lagos, 30th Auguat, 1959,           1                    oo          CO                     GGOI09/S.2
                                    ,                | (1867)
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