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8 October 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1959-10-08 number 63

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| Extraordinary

         Federation of Nigeria —
       Official Gazette
     No. 63                 :          .         LAGOS + 8th October, 1959 oo                                       a              Vol. 46

    Gorernment Natica No.,2080
                 Discuanae or Functions or Hier Costsusatones FOR THASOUTHERN CAMEROONS _
                    BUAING THE Apacs oF ActING igi CoMMisstoNer FroM LAGOS AND TRE
                                                   Sourrman Canmroons                      iA                            .
         It is notified for gorieral infornuition that.by virtue of an Instrument made under the Public Seal of
    the Federation of         ja dated 7th day of October, 1959, ANrHowy Georrrey Hopwodp: GARDNER-BRown;:
    FaQuIRA, €.35.0,,            Deputy Governor-General will discharge for_and on behalf of the Acting High
    Commissioner for the          Southern Cameroons those functions of the High Commissioner for the Southern’
    Cameroons thatare apecified in that Instrament, from the Sthdiy of Optober, 1959, ducing the absence
    of the Acting High Cormmiasionss for the Southern-Carerogny front Lagos ancl the Southern Cameroon’,

                                           ot”                          ByHis Excellency'sCommand, .
                                                                            :                   ee,                          toe     oh
                       Pee                       a Be ee, MMB, Haye 2.
    Lagos, 7th October, 1659,.- —                =.      Sol.)    at                dating Sere Gry ta.theGovernor.Gprerat |

“Government Notice No, 2081                                                     a                         OA.                 ee
                                    GOVERNOR-GENERAL             Roe
                                {Detum or Hicn Conaissionm ror THe SOUTHERN CAMEROONS).
                                By HisExcolioncy, Sm Rates FrancArNwiteGarey, Knight, Commander ofthe:
                                 _ Meat Distinguished OnderofSaint Michael and Saint George, KnightCommandur:
                                 of the Royal Victorian Order, Officer of the Most Bxcellent: Order oftheBritish
                                 Empire, Officer Administering the Government of the Federatiun. of Nigeria.

                                                                                /                     i         :   te
‘        R. RB Ar GREY, :
                           the                                          a                             oe
    (ficar Aciuini
       Ciwuernme       ;                                          .                 en
     Federation of inte                                                                                                                    a
                                 "TO AW TO WHOM THESPRE SENTS SHALL COME GHEDT ING fe a

        Waanne by subsection (1) of sectio   n 6 of the Nigeria (Offices of GoveniarsGenera  l and Governnta)
    Order in Coune l, 1954 (ne the same haa heon  amend ed from  timeto  time), the Gover nor-G eneral may, by
                                Seal of the Federation, authorise the Deputy Governor-General to discharge.
    Instrument under the Public
                           Governor-General on such occasions and subject to suck exceptionsand. conditions -
    forand on bch affhethat Inetrument such, of the functions of the affice of Gavernicr-Grneral 99 Ay be:
    specified in that Inatrument:                                1383                  :                  Det ane biped                   oad
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