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18 November 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1961-11-18 number 88

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          Federation of Nigeria
                       Official Gazette
   No. 88              |            LAGOS- 20th November, 196.                                          Vol. 48
Government Notice No. 2304
                                         Notice oF PusticaTion orjBILu
     It is hereby notified that the following Government Bill has been’ published in Offictal Gazette
Extraordinary No. 87 of 18th November, 1961.                                     :
     Bill entitled Supplementary Appropriation(1960-61) (No. 2). Act, 1961. .
                            .        .          5                                :


           Printed and Published by The Federal GovernmentPrinter, Nigeria. 3127/1161/6,600
    Annual Subseri                  each year is: Overseas and Local £4-155-0d   free, Overseas Second Class Air Mail
£6-10s-0d. Presentfaseead eae, Subscribers who wish to Obtain’Gansite iter ist January should apply to Federal
GovernmentPrinter for amended Subscription.
                                                                           oo             ,

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