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25 November 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1961-11-25 number 91

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Extraordinary                                                                         eo                      «


          Federationof Nigeria
                           Official Gazette
  No. 91                    ;           LAGOS- 25th November, 1961                                                Vol. 48

Government Notice No. 2343

                                          Noricg oF PUBLICATION oF BILis
    It is notified that the following Government Bills have been ublishedin Official Gazette Extr
No. 90 of 24th November, 1961.                                  P          n Official  Gazette   aordinary
     Bill entitled the Finance (Removal of Restrictions) Act, 1961.
     Bill entitled the Railway Servants’ Provident Fund Act, 1961.

Government Notice No. 2344 .
    Thefollowing are published as Supplementto this Gazette :-—
     L.N. No, 154 of 1961—Merchant Shipping (Special Exercise of British Consular Officers Powers)
         Order, 1961.:
     Bill entitled the Lagos University Teaching Hospital Act, 1961.

           Printed and Published by The Federal GovernmentPrinter, Nigeria.                   3217/1161/6,600
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 6-10s-0d. Present issue Gachading S
ely to Federal Gavernment Printer Supplement
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