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12 December 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1961-12-12 number 96

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        Federation of Nigeria
                          Official Gazette
   No. %                                 LAGOS- 12th December, 1961                                          Vol. 48

Government Notice No. 2439

     The following is published as Supplement to this Gazette :-—
     L.N. No. 158 of 1961—Income Tax Management Act (Northern Nigeria) Deferment Order, 1961.

Government Notice No. 2440


                                           By His Excellency The Right Honourable Dr NNAMDI AZIKIWE,
                                                Member of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council,
                                                Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief of the Federation of

     Wueraas the Prime Ministeris about to depart and be absent from Nigeria for sometimeandit is expe-
dient and necessary to authorise some other memberof the Council of Ministers to perform sundry functions
of the Prime Minister.
    Now THEREFORE in exercise of the powers conferred upon mebysection 85 of the Constitution off the
Federation of Nigeria set out in the Second Schedule to the Nigeria (Constitution) Order in Council, 1960,
I, NNAMDI Azikiwg, Member of Her Maijesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council, Governor-General and
Commander-in-Chief of the Federation of Nigeria, on the advice of the Prims Minister hereby authorise...
ALHAJI THE HONOURABLE MUHAMMADU RIBADU, M.B.E., M.P., Minister of Defence, to perform, in Nigeria from.
the 9thday ofDecember, 1961,the functigns conferred upon the Prime Minister by the Constitution aforesaid
(save'only thefunctions conferred by the’        aforesaid section 85 thereof) until this Instrument of Temporary
Authority is revoked by me.                    o                                            oe
4561 Grven undermy hand and the Public Seal of the Federation of Nigeria at Lagos this 9th day of December,

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