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22 April 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1966-04-22 number 41

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     . Extraordinary

         e d e r a l Re pu bl ic of Ni geria 2

                Official Gazette                   i

       No.41                      L                _ LAGOS 22nd ‘April, 1966                                |                 Vol. 53      -   #
                                                   i   so
    Government Notice No. 789
         The following are p blished as Supp
                                             lement to this Gazette :—
            Decree No..27—QOaths Act (Tra
                                          nsfer of Functions) Decree 1966
                                                                                                         ae.         e.   7   ..°   A127
            LN. 26 of 1966 Owegbe Cult
                                          (Declaration and Prohibition)
                                                                        Order 1966                       Hoke                 B35

               Printed and Published by The Fede
                                                 ral Ministry of Info
                                      Lagos, Nigeria. 904/466 /8,4 rmation, Printing Division,
     Annual Subscription from 1gt January
£6-10s-0d. Present issue (including       each year is : Overseas and Local £4-15
apply to the Permanent Secretary, Minis ement) 1s-0d per copy. Subscribers who wish post
                                    Suppl                                                  free. Overseas Second Class
                                                                                       to obtain Gazette after 1st JanuaryAir Mail
                                       try of Information, Printing Division, Lagos for amended Subscription.              should
                                              ‘|             (711)
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