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15 August 1966

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1966-08-15 number 47

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OCT 31 1960

        Federation of Nigeria _
        Official Gazette
           No. 47 —                   | LAGOS-15th August, 1966                                                             Vol, 47

         Government Notice No. 1581
              "The following are published as Supplerhents to this Gazette :—

              Bill entitled the Geneva Conventions Ordinance, 1960.
              Bill entitled the Nigerian Red Cross Society, Ordinance, 1960.
              Bill entitled the Exchange (Amendment) Ordinance, 1960,
                                                                                   By His Excellency’s Command,

                                                                                                                 M.B, HAL
                        an                .                                                          Secretary to the Governor-General
         Lagos, 15th August, 1960.                                                                                     ‘

                      Printed and Published byThe Federal GovernmentPrinter, Nigeria. 2404/860/5,600
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