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30 October 1969

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1969-10-30 number 57

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     Federal Republic of Nigeria
         Official Gazette
   No. 57                                  Lagos - 30th October, 1969                            Vol. 56


                                                  Page                                                 Page

Movements of Officers                           1674-81   Federal Government ‘Scholarships Scheme
                                                            Post-Graduate Awards—1969-70 Academic
Transfer of Staff of the former Northern ©                  Session     ...    .        .       1699-91
  Nigeria Government         tothe Federal
  Public Service  ..           +   a       1681-85        Federal Government Schaleahio Awards for
Appointments of Notaries Public                 1685-86     Studies—1969-70 Academic Session     .e    1691
Registration of Notaries Public                   1686    Bureau. for External Aid for Education
                                                            Overseas Scholarships—1970  ve    os 1692
Additions to the List of Notaries Public          1687    Scholarship Awards under the Nigeria Gulf
Acquisition of Public Lands .                  1687-88      Oil Company Training Fund Act 1964    ..   1692
                                                          Committee on NigerianCodes of Engineering
Cancellation of Pioneer Certificate               1688      Practice    oe    .     oe                 1693
Applications under Trade Unions Act Cap.
  200 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria                   Ministry of Defence—Direct Short Service
  and Lagos 1958                                  1689      Commission into the Nigerian Armed
                                                            Forces—Corrigendum                         1693
Sabo-Lafenwa Postal Agency—Opening of ..          1689
                                                          ‘Tenders                                     1693
Loss of Local Purchase Orders                     1690    Vacancies                                1693-97

Loss of Passenger ‘Warrants s         os          1690    Public Notice No. 28-—Nigerian Educational
                                                            and Vocational Aids Company Limited
Cancellation of Certificates of Registration of             In  Creditors   Voluntary Liquidation—
 Trade Unions          =».     ww     we      we 1690       Notice of Final Meeting   ..-   ..         1697

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