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1 May 1975

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1975-05-01 number 21

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         Federal Republic of Nigeria
                         Othicial Gazette
      No. 21                                 Lagos - ist May, 1975                                      Vol. 62
                                               CONTENTS |
               '                                      Page.                                                      Page
 Movements of Officers                              630-37. Loss of Local Purchase Orders                      651-52
 Ministry of Defence—Nigerian           Army—                 Loss of Original Local Purchase Order and
   Movementsof Officers  os             .   - 637-45          * Invoice                                          653
 Trade Dispute between the Public Works                       Loss of Passenger Air Warrant                      653
   Construction Technical and General                         Loss of Tax Receipt Books                          653
   Workers’ Union and the Nigerian Agip Oil                   Loss of General Tax Receipt          oe            653
   Company Limited and Florina (Nigeria)
   Limited      .                                     646     Loss of Savings Certificates                       653
 Trade Dispute between ‘the G. N. A. Hamzer                   Losslof1974-75 Fixed Income Tax Tickets            653
      and Company (Nigeria) Limited and Ham-                     ss of Documents in the Board of Internal
      zer and Allied Companies Workers’ Union                  + Revenue Office—Calabar ..       -      --       654
      of Nigeria                                              Export Duty on Rubber                              654
 Trade Dispute between the Engineering and                       esign Competition for the Redevelopment
- . Metal Industries Limited and Nigeria                       ; of Tafawa Balewa Square Complex, Lagos          654
 _    Mercantile, Technical, Clerical and General             Repayment ofLost Premium Bonds or Pre-
   Workers Union                                       647       mium Bonds surrendered to the Various
 Trade Dispute between the ‘Association of                     * Post Offices and Banks in the three Eastern
      Proprietors of Approved Private Voluntary                : States of Nigeria                          655
      Agency Post-Primary Schools, Lagos State                Dealingiin Petroleum Productsby Unlicenced
      and the Association of Teachers of Private                : Dealer       oe                     «.    655
      Voluntary Agency Post-Primary Schools,
   Lagos State...                                      647    ‘Treasury Returns—Statements Nos. 264      656-61
 TradeDispute between the Onibu-Ore Indus-                     Council of Legal Education—Nigerian Law
      tries Limited and Nigeria Mercantile,                      School—1975-76 Academic Year—Closing
      Gecnnical, Clerical and General Workers’                   Date for the Receipt of Completed Appli-
     nion                                .-           648        cation Forms        o
                                                               List of Institutions approved for Internship
                                                                                                           .      662
 Trade Dispute between the Ciros Cafe Res-
      taurant and Nigerian Union of Hotels,                      as at March 1975,          .                     662
      Restaurants and Night Club Workers               648     Tenders               oe                        663-64
 Licensed Places of Worship for Solemniza-                   . Vacancies        +.                             664-68
   tion of Marriages                  .                649     United Nations Development Programme—
 Companies Income Tax-—Notice to prepare                         Vacancy                      .      668-69
   and deliver Return of Income                      49-50     ILO Technical Co-operation.‘Programme—
 Provisional Royalty on Thorium and Zircon                       Vacancies...                     :     669-76
      Ores ..                           ae     .               Customs and Excise Nigeria—Sale of‘Goods 676-78
 Provisional Royalty on‘‘Tantalite             s       650
 Provisional Royalty on Columbite ..           .       651           InpEx To LEGAL Norice IN SUPPLEMENT
 Quarriable Minerals—Royalty on Shale                  651
 Quarriable Minerals—Royalty on Clay                   651     L.N. No.              Short Title                 Page
     Tssele-Uku   Telephone      Exchange—New                     20 . Poisons and Pharmacy (Berenil and
       Hours of Service ..       ae    .    oe         651                 Samorin) Order 1975...                 B89

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