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18 January 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1980-01-18 number 5

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     Extraordinary .


    Federal Republic of Nigeria
                                    ficial, Gazette

      _No.5                                   Lagos- 18th January 1980                                   “Vol.
                                                                                                          |    67
, -Governinent Notice No. 69

     oe                         .           The Legal.Practitioners Decree 1975 ~
                      ————                           | 1975 No. 15)
"         (Made bythe General Council of the.‘Bat at its: General Meeting in Lagos on the 25th of Desember                 -
     1967 and amended bythe meeting ofthe Council held in Lagos.onthe 15th of January 1979).                           oO
        " It is hereby notified ‘for general informatign that the General Council of the Bar (hereafter referred to as
     “the Bar Council”), in furtherance of the aimsjandobjects of the ‘Nigerian Bar Association underthe constitu-
    tion of the association as referred. toin section 1 of theLegal Practitioners Decree 1975 and for the maintenance
    of. the highest standards of professional condct, etiquette and. discipline in- terms of that constitution, has
    made the rules of professional conduct in the legal profession as set out hereunder :—                             -
                      ARRANGEMENT OF RULES                     18. Right of lawyer to control the incidents of ‘the.
    Rule                                ,                       19. Lawyer as witness for client.
        1. The duty of the Lawyer to. the ‘court.               20. Investigation of facts and production of wit-nes~ .
                                                                       ses, etc.
    2, Relations with judges.
                                                                21. Upholding the honour of the profession.
     ” 3. Conduct towards judges -during trial. ;
                                                                22. Justifiable and unjustifiable litigations.
       4. Candor and fairness. .                 cog
                                                                23. Responsibility forlitigation.
        5. Attitude towardscertain Teun
                                                                24. Thelawyer’s duty inits last analysis.
    - 6. Courtroom decorum.
                                                                25. Instigating litigation either directly or‘through |
       7.. Employmentin criminal cases.                                agents, etc.                                    3
        8. Counsel for an indigent. prisoner.               + 26. Confidence of a client.
        9.. Conduct of criminal cases.            ve          -27. Newspaper comment on pending litigation, ete.
      10. Adverse influencesand conflicting interests.        28. Discovery ofimpositionand-deception..
      41.-Professional colleagues and conflicts of opinion.| 29. Withdrawal from employment.
       12. Advising upon the merits-of.a client’s.cause.       30. Engaging in business.
      13. Negotiations with opposite party.               St                d    empl    it.
    - 94, How far a lawyer may go in supporting a-client’S- 31,     Salaried employment
                                                               32. Calling at a client’s houseor place ‘of business.
             cause.                 -
                                                              . 33. Advertising, touting and publicity. ©
    45. Restrainclients from improprieties.
                                                         34. Scope of the prohibition of advertisement.
    16. -Ill-feeling between advocates. «
                                                         35. Newspapers and periodicals.
     17. Technical advantage over counsel and enforee- i
           ment of agreements.                           36. Notice to> local lawyers.
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