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2 August 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1980-08-02 number 435

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        ipaneccamnie rey

                                                                                                 B 271

      Supplement to Official:Gazette No435 Vol.311thSeptember

      SH. 15of1980                                ee
                                                   sat   ae.

                         DECREE 1975   OO
                                 -(Dectee.No, 24 of1975)

                  Estate Surveyors and Valuers@iscptioaryTribunal
                    -        : and Assessors) Rules 4280 -

                           “Commencement:2th August1980
       In exercise2 of the powers. confeirodsspon: me by paragiaphs2band 4 of :Sche-: 7
     dule 2 to the Estate Suveyors and Valuers:(Registration,.etc.).Decree 1976, and.
    of ail other powers enabling me in that’ behalf, I, Atanda Fatayi-Williams, .
      ‘the Chief Justice of. Nigeria hereby make the following tulesi—          fs,

                           . Proceedings before the 7ribunal               oo
        i—(1) In any case whereiin pursuance.of. sectionB @) of theDecree                 Reference of
      the panel is of the opinion that a prima facie case is made against an estate       Tabu“i .

      ‘surveyorand valuer, the panel:shall prepare a reportofthe case and formulate
      anyappropriate charge or chargesand forwardthem:to theSecretary together
      with all the documents considered by the.panel.

         2,—(1) The patties to proceedings before the tribunalshall be— iy “i. Parties and
        (a) the complainant ;                               "              Jew tr,,        APBearance,
          (6). the respondent;
         ‘(c) any. other person.requiredbythe tribunal to be
                                                           2 joined.Orr joined by
       - léave ofthe tribunal.         os
         (2) Any party to the proceedings mayappearin person or1 be represented
      by a legal practitioner, so however thatthe tribunalmay order a party to the |
      proceedings to appear in person if of opinion thatitis necessary in theinterest _—
      of justice but without prejudiceto his Tight to.counsel:::
        3.—(1) On the direction of the Chairman, the Sectetary shall fix-a day            Notice of
    . for the hearing of the case and forthwiththereafter shall, in the form set out      hearing and
     ‘in the Schedule tothese nules,-sserve.notice thereof ‘onn each partytto ‘the _Service,
        (2) The Secretary shall servé on each paity, other ‘thaa the complainant, |
    , copies of the report andall the charges prepared by the panel and all docu-
      mentsconsidered bythe panel.
         (3) It shall be sufficient Gorhipliancé with this ralé if any process required
      to'be servedis handed to the party concerned or affected personally oris
      sent by registered postto the last known,placeof residegee or
                                                                  # abode ofthe
      party..       tes     *          ~    oes    3           Dahle the

        4,—{1) Subject to the next succeeding paragraph, thetribunal[mayyhear Hearingin
      and determine a case in theabsence of anv vartv. ”                      ab
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