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4 December 1980

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1980-12-04 number 58

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                                                                           He woe   |   ORES     AESS

                                                                      licof Nigeria
                                                    cial Gazette
   ~-No58 Lagos-4thDecember, 1980.                                                                     .~SVoil67
                                                                                                         -          Page.
             Movements of Officers
                                                                                                       ee 1412-19 |
         ‘Loss ofTreasury Receipts _ “ :                       |                               oe ae     a     1420
        Loss of Receipt Book .                      Be a                                                 1420
         Tenders =, oe                   te         ae   Tea
                                                          ee ee      oak   gee ee aka                           DORE |
       Vacancies)...                  Ce ee                                                     a               tagnt-22

ane                 co                        InDEX To Lecat Notice ms SUPPLEMENT
       SEN                           Short Tite                                                   |                 Page
                   ’ Bill to amiend the Nigerian Television Authority Act 1977, and
                        ~ of Staff and Television Facilities to the Founders of the StateTransfer the Ownership
                                                                                          Television Broadcasting      :
                         _ Authori
                               ties and for Purposes connected therewith =              wg ikke C53
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